WordPress Hosting + Maintenance Packages
Launching your business website or e-commerce store is only the beginning. Our WordPress website hosting and maintenance packages will keep your online presence running smoothly while you focus on your business.
Taking Care of Your WordPress Website

For us not focusing on WordPress website hosting is a really bad idea! Providing the best possible user experience is essential if you want to attract new consumers. There are many different website hosting options out there. Selecting the wrong type of website hosting for your business or e-commerce website will definitely work against you. This is especially true if you are looking for WordPress website hosting, which has some additional requirements.

Even worse than a bad website hosting plan is not maintaining your website after launch! Mobile-first websites are fairly complex, and have many different components. A regular WordPress website maintenance plan is essential for keeping your website updated, optimized and secured at all times.

Our WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance Solutions

For many business owners the focus on their WordPress website pretty much ends when the site launches. Here at the highly caffeinated agency we are always surprised that business owners spare no expense on their website development, but opt for the cheapest website hosting. And ongoing WordPress website maintenance is not even on their horizon.

Here at ESPRESSO.digital we want to help you run your business instead of your website. Our WordPress website hosting and maintenance packages are geared towards individual service providers and small to mid-size businesses. You can count on our WordPress website experts to take care of all your website and hosting needs. That frees you up to do whatever you need to do to thrive and survive.

WordPress Website Support Hosting | Maintenance | E-Commerce Support
WordPress Hosting
PhP 7 Support
Daily Backups
WordPress Core Updates
Basic Performance Optimization
Website Security
Includes WordPress Hosting
Daily Backups
WP Core, Plugins + Theme Updates
Database Optimization
Performance Optimization
Website Security
WordPress / WooCommerce
Backups Every 4 Hours
WP Core, Plugins + Theme Updates
Database Optimization
Shopping Cart + Payment Gateway Support
Order + Inventory Tracking
Personalized Support Options
All kinds of things can go wrong with your website. Some of them we anticipate in our standard WordPress maintenance packages. But you may find yourself in a situation where a particular piece of your website is no longer working. Maybe your contact form is acting up. Or your newsletter optin strangely disappeared. If that is the case don’t worry, our experts can help you
  1. Troubleshoot specific elements or pages on your website
  2. Consult on recommended next steps
  3. Repair or replace non-functioning elements
If you require personalized support options tailor-made for your WordPress business or e-commerce site please complete the form on the right, and one of our support experts will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the details.


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