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18 Oct10:00
18 Oct10:00
Oct 2017
Oct 2017 - Digital Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes?

No matter what type of business you have or what your industry is, you are probably engaging in digital marketing of some kind already. But since digital marketing is not the same as traditional marketing many businesses fail to achieve the results they need. Here is how you can do better by avoiding 5 common digital marketing mistakes!

16 Oct09:00
16 Oct09:00 - Business Website Design

So Who Is Gonna Build Your Business Website?

Many business owners are so focused on their inbound marketing and lead generation needs they completely overlook other considerations. If you really want measurable business results from your website you first need to find a web design partner. Here are a few things you should focus on in order to find your ideal service provider.

14 Oct12:00
14 Oct12:00 - Social Media Demographics - Do You Know Your Audience?

Social Media Demographics – Do You Know Your Audience?

Social media marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. But by not focusing on their social media demographics many business and social marketers fail to align their social marketing with their target audience. Here is what you need to know to reach your ideal target audience on their social media networks.

13 Oct10:00
13 Oct10:00 - Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age

Small Business Marketing in The Digital Age

Are you still marketing like it’s 1999? And how is that working for you? Many small businesses miss out on valuable online marketing opportunities because they are not aware of them. Take a look at how you should do small business marketing in the digital age instead.

11 Oct10:00
11 Oct10:00 - Tips for Creating Engaging Content That Gets Shared

Tips for Creating Engaging Content That Gets Shared

Content creation is a major stumbling block for many business owners and marketers. However, creating engaging content that your readers are eagerly awaiting is easier than you think. The ultimate purpose for creating engaging content is for your readers to share it, and for your content to reach another audience. Here are the steps you should follow to get the results you need.

10 Oct10:00
10 Oct10:00 - 15 Questions to Ask Your Web Hosting Service Provider

15 Questions to Ask Your Web Hosting Provider

You get what you pay for is very applicable to website hosting. Going for the cheapest option is guaranteed to cause problems and limit your website performance and security. To help you do better with your own website hosting here are 15 questions you need to ask your web hosting service provider before you decide on your web hosting service.

09 Oct09:00
09 Oct09:00 - Inbound Marketing Checklist for Business Marketers

Inbound Marketing Checklist for Business Marketers

We know from experience that inbound marketing projects come in all shapes and sizes. For clients they are all equally important, and they all deserve the same attention. But where do you start? We have come up with a simple inbound marketing checklist to help you do better with your inbound marketing.

07 Oct11:00
07 Oct11:00 - Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation Tips You Can Use Now

Many businesses are active on social media, posting and sharing content on their social networks. Yet many of them fail at social media lead generation. The problem is many brands just don’t understand how social media works in the B2C and B2B sectors. Here is what you should focus on for your social marketing instead of simply posting content.

06 Oct11:00
06 Oct11:00 - Essential WordPress Website Maintenance Tips

50 Essential WordPress Website Maintenance Tips and Practices

There is a big problem with WordPress websites! Many business owners launch their WordPress site, and then seemingly forget about it. Without regular maintenance and updates your WordPress website is increasingly at risk of getting hacked, not working properly, and generally providing a bad user experience. These essential WordPress website maintenance tips will show you how you can do better!

05 Oct11:00
05 Oct11:00 - 16 Strategies for Compelling Content Creation

16 Strategies for Compelling Content Creation

The good news is that by now most brands are aware of the benefits of content marketing. The bad news is that many brands are not publishing effective content due to the lack of a compelling content creation strategy. Simply publishing content is not enough. Compelling content creation is absolutely essential if you want your content marketing strategy to succeed. Creating compelling content is not difficult. Simply take a look at our 16 Strategies for Compelling Content Creation to get some ideas.

04 Oct11:00
04 Oct11:00 - 12 Steps to Writing an Effective Blog Post

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 12 Simple Steps

Are your blog posts not getting read? Maybe you are not aligning your posts or blogging strategy with the needs of your target audience. These simple steps for writing an awesome blog post show you what you need to consider before you start writing, and what you need to do to make your blog post idea into an awesome blog post!

03 Oct11:00
03 Oct11:00 - B2B Business Blogging Tips

B2B Business Blogging Tips and Benefits

We are big advocates of content marketing, and blogging is a major aspect of content marketing. Unfortunately many business owners don’t see the value of having a business blog, or mistakenly believe that blogging is not effective for their business. As a result they are missing out on key B2B Business Blogging Benefits. That is unfortunate as with a little effort any kind of business can establish an effective blog and get B2B business blogging benefits at the same time.

30 Sep11:00
30 Sep11:00
Sep 2017
Sep 2017 - Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow

Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow

Social media marketing is an excellent way for businesses and organizations to reach and engage a larger online audience. But there are things you need to consider if you want to be truly effective on social media. These social media best practices are a great place to start!

29 Sep12:00
29 Sep12:00 - Sneaky E-Commerce Tricks, and How to Avoid Them

Sneaky E-Commerce Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Many online stores increase sales and gather consumer info through the use of sneaky e-commerce tricks that online shoppers may not even be aware of. Here is what consumers can do to avoid scams, protect your personal info, and have a better online shopping experience.

27 Sep11:00
27 Sep11:00 - 50 Essential Small Business Website Features

50 Essential Small Business Website Features

In order to meet the expectations of both human visitors and search engines your small business website needs to have all the essentials. From your domain name to your website content and navigation, and from SEO to website hosting here are 50 small business website essentials you need to have on your website if you really want it to be effective.

26 Sep11:00
26 Sep11:00 - Technical SEO Mistakes

40 Common Technical SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Many businesses are aware of basic SEO strategies and best practices. However, there are many things that go on behind the scenes that influences how human visitors and search engines rate your website. This infographic from SEMRush identifies the top 40 technical SEO mistakes you need to avoid if you want your website to perform better in search, and provide a better user experience for your human visitors as well.