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Brain Health Northwest
Client: Brain Health Northwest

Brain Health Northwest is a group of mental health experts based in Seattle, WA. When this client first contacted us they had an outdated online presence that did not match their vision and experience. Their website was not mobile-friendly and difficult for them to manage and update. We recommended a mobile-first WordPress website re-design to help them achieve their objectives.


his project presented a number of unusual challenges that required a lot of effort to overcome. Clinical psychology is not something the average visitor is familiar with. Therefore we started this project by helping Brain Health Northwest to determine an effective content strategy that would not sound overly clinical. We also needed to develop an information architecture to clearly structure all the required content to make it easy to find. The final step in this phase was to help Brain Health Northwest to source appropriate images to illustrate their varied offerings.

Once we had all the required content we were in a position to build a new mobile-first WordPress website for Brain Health Northwest. Due to the fairly complex content structure and information architecture we opted for a sidebar menu with the primary navigation links. Individual sections have sub menus to quickly direct the visitor to the appropriate page or page section. To help with site navigation our WordPress design team also created different page headers for each section. The overall look is modern and sophisticated without appearing visually overwhelming.

The final step in the WordPress web design project for Brain Health Northwest was to incorporate some additional functionality requested by the client. This included individual contact sections with interactive maps for each location, a blogging platform for publishing related material, a Mailchimp email optin, and some basic social sharing options. The final result is a modern and professional online presence built on a modular WordPress framework that clearly demonstrates the approach Brain Health Northwest uses to help their clients. The site can easily be updated and expanded by the client as they grow.

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