WordPress Web Design Project:
Appraisal Group of the Northwest
Client: Appraisal Group of the Northwest

Appraisal Group of the Northwest is a commercial and residential real estate appraisal firm based in Bellevue, WA. When this client first contacted us they did not actually have an online presence at the time. A previous web design effort did not get completed, and the firm was eager to resolve that. We recommended a new WordPress website to achieve their business objectives.


hen Appraisal Group of the Northwest first contacted us they were not in good shape. The original company website was inadvertently taken down, and the client could not figure out how to launch a new site built by one of their team. Obviously this was not an ideal situation, and we were tasked to make it all better! Therefore WordPress web design for Appraisal Group of the Northwest became an immediate priority! The first step was to actually meet with the client to determine their business objectives and vision, and to learn more about their expectations for their new website.

We also took this opportunity to take new headshots of the entire team. Since the client was very motivated they wanted to provide their own content, which meant we were able to start the actual mobile-first WordPress web design project for Appraisal Group of the Northwest right away. Based on the existing content, and the preferred content and information architecture our team created a mobile-first WordPress website that clearly outlines the firm’s commitment to quality service, and provides a great user experience across all devices. Our team worked with the client through a number of content edits until we came up with the required overall look.

The last part of the actual mobile-first web design for Appraisal Group of the Northwest was to tweak a few individual design elements to match the client’s expectations. Our mobile-first web design for Appraisal Group of the Northwest also included helping the client launch their new site, which meant we also had to deal with some pesky DNS issues. It happens, and we got it all figured out for AGNW. The final step in this mobile-first web design project was to complete on-page and on-site SEO configurations and optimize the site for security and performance.

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