Surfin' Seafood E-Commerce Website

Project Summary

The client is a seafood retailer looking for an e-commerce website. When they reached out to ESPRESSO | Studio 5, they had just purchased an existing business. They wanted a fresh new look, better product images, and a more functional mobile e-commerce website. ESPRESSO | Studio 5 created a new brand identity and logo, including wrapping their delivery van. Next, they photographed the entire product line. They also created new content, edited existing content, and added organic keywords. Finally, they designed a responsive mobile e-commerce website with custom order tracking, payment processing, and shipping option configurations. - Innovative Web Design - Surfin' Seafood - Seafood Delivery Company E-Commerce Website - Brand Logo

Feedback Summary

The client is very satisfied with ESPRESSO | Studio 5’s work. The new WordPress site has a great new look and feel and is very easy for the owners to update and use. The e-commerce features have also made their ordering and delivery process easier. ESPRESSO | Studio 5 is described as responsive and fun to work with. They are highly recommended to others.


Could you provide a brief description of your company?

We sell sustainable seafood and deliver it door to door to people in the northwest. We’re also getting into doing some mail order.

Are you the owner?

Yes, the owner.

Opportunity / Challenge

Could you describe the business challenges you were trying to address?

We acquired the business a little more than a year ago. The current website while it had good information, it looked too homey in a way. You had to create an account in order to order and it didn’t have any capability to do shipping outside of the local area. So, we wanted to modernize it and give it a little different look and feel as we tried to expand outside of our local area. - Innovative Web Design - Sushi Kashiba - Japanese Restaurant WordPress Website - Food Photography


Can you describe the scope of the work that ESPRESSO | Studio 5 provided?

They helped us quite a bit. They helped us do the logo and got us in touch with a company that put it on our van. They designed the look of the website, and it was night and day difference of what we had before. They also did great photography for us for the products.

Did they develop an entirely new website for you?

Yes. There’s some existing content, but totally new. It’s a new platform, a new host and everything. It is a WordPress site, using WooCommerce as the shopping cart.

How long did the project take?

It took a long time, but a lot of that was due to us. It took about a year. We had an existing site that was still working, so it wasn’t like we needed something immediately. It went live the first of June [of 2014]. We just finished our first live month for customers’ orders.

Why did you choose ESPRESSO | Studio 5 with which to work?

I liked the looks and design of what they’d done previously. Also, we were pretty weak on social marketing, and I thought that that was one of the things that we could use some help with. We’re now at a point where we can go forward with something in that area.

Results + Feedback

In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the effectiveness of the work they’ve delivered?

I don’t have metrics yet. The biggest challenge is just that all our customers have to create a new account. Some of them are struggling with that concept even though it’s pretty easy to do. They thought they would just be able to log in with their old log in. But, they’ll get that. It’s just the first month.

From my point of view, the website is drastically easier to use. One of things we wanted to try to accomplish is to customize packages. There are four different values of packages that we sell. What our old site didn’t allow us to do is to make any changes to those or to order a la carte. Now, if you don’t like what’s in a package, you can order what you want to. As long there’s a minimum amount, we deliver for free. We had about eight or nine people do that this month, which is really good, because it’s a whole lot less headache for us.

How would you describe their performance?

When we were able to get on the same schedule, it was pretty good. They were responsive, and flexible within the constraints of the shopping cart WooCommerce that we picked. They’re small. Once you get to work with them, they’re pretty fun to work with.

We’ll do some more work with them. We’re going to get our toes into the social media world a little bit, hopefully in September, which I really think is their strong suit. That’s the part that I’m looking forward to more than working with them on the website frankly.

Is there any area that they could improve on or that you would do differently?

Maybe just laying out the time frame more clearly. It would have been helpful to say that if you do this by this date, then we can do this. I would have liked a little more specificity in terms of what I needed to do versus what they needed to do at the beginning. That would be the only criticism I have.

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