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Project Summary

The client hired ESPRESSO | Studio 5 to develop a new website and branding for her human resources and business consulting firm. The first phase of work included visual identity, logo, and business cards. They also spearheaded the content strategy and creation for the website, including photography services and inclusion of organic keywords to be used in the search engine optimization campaign. Finally, they designed a responsive website, integrating elements of the client’s personal style to reflect her personality and unique image.

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Feedback Summary

The client is extremely pleased with ESPRESSO | Studio 5’s work. She has received feedback that the website is beautiful, professional, clean, easy to navigate, and evident of her personality. The client feels proud to use this website as a marketing tool for her business. She describes ESPRESSO | Studio 5 as responsive, excellent project managers, and most notably, out of the box thinkers with many new ideas. ESPRESSO | Studio 5 is highly recommended to others.


Please describe your company.

I am a business and human resources consultant. I work with companies in various stages of maturity. I help them with their business transformations, whether they’re expanding internationally or domestically or they need help with their HR infrastructure strategy, or organizational development assistance.

Opportunity / Challenge

What was your goal for working with ESPRESSO | Studio 5?

I needed to create a brand for myself and to create a website presence so that I could get the word out to help market the type of business and services I wanted to offer. I was known in the area for my HR expertise because of the technology company that I worked with for a number of years.

I wanted to switch my focus and dive into a different area. I wanted to do that with my website and my branding. I wanted it to be unique, professional, representative of me, and not be stale or fake. I wanted a website that would translate who I am as a person. I wanted my website to stand out, and not just be another HR website.

ESPRESSO.digital - Innovative Web Design - Leda Business Consulting - Business Consultant WordPress Website - Detail View


Please describe the scope of their work.

Coco [photographer at ESPRESSO | Studio 5] did my headshots so that I could put them on my social media sites. She did my logo and business cards. We went through the process of figuring out what my branding was and what my website content might be.

What I really loved about this was I initially went in for two and a half to three hours. We had a drill-down discussion where they asked me a lot of great questions to get me focused on who I am and what I’m doing. It gave me clarity about who I am, and specifically what I am bringing to the table and offering for my services. That helped me personally to get clarity for myself, because I am somebody that can go broad with what I will do for a client. It really helped me narrow down my focus.

Their writer created first drafts of the website content. We were then able to do the iterations. From that, we were able to get the website mock-up and pull it all together. They were very quick in turning things around. It only took a few months to get everything created. I had some fits and starts on my end, but they were right there holding my hand and pushing me along all through the process. They were awesome.

What was your process for selecting ESPRESSO | Studio 5 with which to work?

I was referred to ESPRESSO | Studio 5 through mutual business contacts. I met with Gregor [Schmidt, digital strategist with ESPRESSO | Studio 5] for a business function, and I loved talking with him and hearing his initial ideas on how they approach their work. He thinks outside of the box. Then, I met Coco and the rest of the team, and they were a very different type of team. I knew I wasn’t going to get just a regular ‘”website in a ‘box” type of product. They really had something different to offer, and they were very creative. I also knew that they were going to work with me and what I wanted, and not just go with what they wanted because they thought something was cool. They would work with me and what was good for my business.

Can you provide a cost estimate or work hour figure for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

Around $5,000, which I thought was very reasonable.

Results + Feedback

What were the results of the project?

The site was successfully launched at the end of July of 2014. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the website. I have had a ton of feedback from my contacts who have commented on how it looks beautiful, professional, and clean, that it’s easy to navigate and that it reflects who I am.

One of the things about myself is that I really like the color pink, but it’s not something that you want a ton of in a business consulting website. We subtly put some pink in a tasteful way, and people who really know me well saw that and commented positively on it. They also thought the photography was very tastefully done. There were really good comments that have been sent my way, and I’m very pleased with that so far.

Now, I have a better marketing tool when I’m at events. I’ve been to two events so far, since it’s launched, and have been able to point people to my website rather than saying my website is coming. That has been super helpful. One person, for example, that I’m having coffee with for potential business has said, ‘I’ve looked at your website. It looks great, and I’m looking forward to meeting you.’ So, that’s awesome.

Could you describe their performance and your relationship working with them?

They are very responsive. They did a great job project managing me, which I needed and I expected, because I’m running around trying to do my small business. I really liked Gregor’s direct communication about what he needs from me. Coco was very creative. I really enjoyed working with them immensely. They’re a great pair, and their other staff [members] were super helpful as well: Their writers [and] their search engine people.

I had a unique situation where I had to change the name of my company. I went in with one name, and they started doing some searches on that name. While the name was cleared and nobody else was using it, the name itself is considered a bad word in some Asian countries. They called me on a Saturday and said we had a problem. By Sunday afternoon, we had a new name for my company. They were just on top of stuff like that.

We found a name that didn’t detour from what I wanted to say for my company. I wanted the name of the company to showcase my Scandinavian background, and we were able to do that without it being an offensive word in other cultures. This was especially important because I tend to do a lot of work Asian cultures and countries.

Is there anything unique about them that really makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

The one thing that I really appreciate about them is that they were willing to come meet you anywhere that you were at. They just didn’t sit in their nice little funky offices, which they have and I love their offices. Sometimes, you can get an air of arrogance when you’re dealing with creative design type, but they would come to me wherever I was at. If I was at a client’s, they would come there to meet me to keep things moving along, or they would come to my office.

They were really flexible and would go wherever necessary to make things happen and keep things moving along. They would come with great ideas that they would want my feedback on. I didn’t come with any preconceived ideas, and I really appreciated their guiding me and helping me with all these great ideas while maintaining my identity.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or something that you might do differently?

I had some fits and starts so, in hindsight I would try to eliminate those and plow through. When I didn’t get back with them in time, there were a couple times when my project got pushed because I didn’t make my deadlines and they had other projects. They communicated well, and I missed some windows of opportunity on my end. It’s really important for clients to understand that they’re giving you timelines, and they are real. They do stick to their schedule. It’s not something they need to improve on. The client needs to be realistic, but I’m sure they deal with that all the time.

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