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03 Jun: 9 Social Media Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Anyone who owns and runs a business should already understand the importance of an effective social media campaign. Even so, there are a lot of businesses who get it wrong. While there is a lot of information online about the best ways to tackle social media, our team sees a lot of folks using the wrong tactics. For that reason we are going to highlight some common social media mistakes most businesses make. Hopefully this will help you not make the same missteps yourself. - Innovative Web Design - The Latest Google Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know Title Image

20 Nov: The Latest Google Algorithm Update: What You Need To Know

Google Algorithm updates are nothing new. Since 2011 there were at least 53 updates to the Google Algorithm, according to At first glance these updates mainly benefit the searcher, while at the same time making it harder for websites to rank on Google. That part is true. As the Google Algorithm becomes more advanced it becomes much harder to achieve the results brands require to compete. And that has SEO experts and digital marketers scrambling to catch up!