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28 Feb: Web Designer’s SEO Guide – How To Improve Your Search Rankings

Many business owners mistakenly believe that all they need is an online presence, and leads will follow. But simply having a business website is no guarantee that it will do well in search results, or attract your target audience. Check out these essential tips and recommendations if you want your business website to rank and help you achieve your business objectives. - Lighthouse - Google New SEO Tool

19 Nov: Lighthouse – A New SEO Tool from Google to Help You Check Your Site’s SEO Implementation

Most, if not all, business owners and marketers do at least some SEO on their business website. But how is that SEO implementation actually working out for them? The sad truth is that many business owners don’t know because they have no easy way to check. At least there wasn’t until now! Check out Lighthouse, the new SEO tool from Google that provides measurable insights into your SEO implementation. - How to Run an SEO Competitor Analysis

15 Nov: Everything You Need to Know to Run an SEO Competitor Analysis and Outrank Them!

Most business owners understand that in order to succeed they need to get ahead of their competitors. The tricky part is learning exactly what your competitors are doing to get ahead of you. To help you stay competitive and increase your search traffic and rankings here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to run an SEO competitor analysis, and why that is so important. - 13 Essential Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Images

15 Oct: 13 Tips For Creating SEO-Friendly Images That Your Human Visitors Will Appreciate as Well!

Most business and website owners are aware of the benefits of optimizing their website content for higher search rankings. Unfortunately many of them forget to optimize their website images the same way. To help you do better here are 13 essential tips for creating SEO-friendly images that appeal to both search engines and consumers. - The A-Z of SEO in 2018

08 Oct: Everything You Need to Know About SEO in 2018 and Beyond

SEO is an essential aspect of an effective online presence that will support your business objectives. There is only one problem; SEO is complex, and therefore frequently misunderstood. Lengthy technical guides tend to add to the confusion. To help you do better we are sharing the A-Z of SEO in 2018 and beyond. This simple, yet comprehensive infographic makes it easy for any business to improve their search rankings and visibility. - A Brief History of Content Marketing and SEO

13 Sep: A Brief History of Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEO are an essential part of any sustainable digital marketing strategy in 2018. But both have been around quite a bit longer. To give you a better understanding of both and how they apply to your online marketing efforts we are sharing a brief history of content marketing and SEO. Take a look at why brands starting using content in the 19th century, and all that happened since then! - 100 Google SEO Success Factors

10 Sep: 100 Google SEO Success Factors Ranked by Importance

Nothing is as confusing to business and website owners as search engine optimization. To complicate matters there is a lot of false or misleading information out there. To help you cut through the bullshit we are sharing a list of 100+ Google SEO success factors ranked by category and importance. It will tell you in plain English what Google wants you to focus on, and what you better avoid!