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27 Feb: Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business

The main problem with content marketing is that most brands don’t do it right! By now businesses already recognize the benefits of content marketing, but especially small businesses most often don’t have a Content Marketing Strategy. In previous posts we outlined Content Marketing Benefits for Small Brands and gave you a Step by Step Guide to Content Creation. Today we will show you some basic content marketing strategy ideas that any business can implement. - Innovative Web Design - Optimizing Website Performance - The Website Diet Title Image

16 Apr: Optimizing Website Performance – The Website Diet

Modern websites have a lot more functionality than websites from a year or two ago. From social media feeds to interactive blogs, counters and progress bars, animated image galleries, background video, and a myriad of other options can make websites super cool and drag down their performance all at the same time. And you quickly reach a point where your visitors are not willing to wait for your site too load, no matter how cool it is! - Innovative Web Design - The Latest Google Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know Title Image

20 Nov: The Latest Google Algorithm Update: What You Need To Know

Google Algorithm updates are nothing new. Since 2011 there were at least 53 updates to the Google Algorithm, according to At first glance these updates mainly benefit the searcher, while at the same time making it harder for websites to rank on Google. That part is true. As the Google Algorithm becomes more advanced it becomes much harder to achieve the results brands require to compete. And that has SEO experts and digital marketers scrambling to catch up! - Innovative Web Design - Responsive Web Design for Mobile Consumers Title Image

10 Nov: Responsive Web Design For Mobile Consumers

Since 2013 more consumers access a business website on a mobile device before visiting the site on a laptop or desktop PC. In addition to being a Google Guideline having a mobile-optimized website that creates a seamless experience regardless of the viewer’s browser or mobile device is a necessity. Not the same as mobile design, responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across all mobile devices.