digital marketing - Must Have Digital Marketing Tools 2018

13 Aug: 60 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2018

Most, if not all, business owners and marketers understand they need to engage in at least some sort of digital marketing in order to thrive and survive in the digital world. But now it starts to get complicated. How exactly are small to mid-size businesses supposed to handle all that? To give you a leg up on your competitors we feature the top 60 must-have digital marketing tools you should use in 2018 sorted by the 6 major digital marketing strategies. So go ahead and try a few! - Content Marketing Lessons for Business Owners

16 Jan: Simply Creating Content Does Not Work! Apply These Content Marketing Lessons to Get Better Engagement!

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing buzzwords of the day. Virtually every online marketing agency is telling business owners that “Content is King!” But many business owners and marketers completely misunderstand this strategy, or simply implement it incorrectly. In other words, they need some content marketing lessons! - Content Marketing Facts Every Business Needs to Understand

04 Jan: What You Need to Focus On If You Want To Succeed At Content Marketing

Over and over it has been shown that effective content marketing is the best way to reach an audience and keep it engaged throughout the conversion journey. But there are no shortcuts to effective content marketing. Once you start you are in it for the long haul. We have come up with these essential Content Marketing Facts to help you focus on the tasks ahead. - Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners

15 Dec: Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Going Nowhere? Try These Simple Tips Instead!

Every week I talk to business owners that are smart, enterprising, innovative and working hard to grow their business. And most of them have no clue about digital marketing. They understand they have to do it; it is the how to do it that gives them headaches. These easy digital marketing tips for business owners will provide better results, and less headaches.