WordPress Website Redesign Services
Sometimes a simple website update or redesign can be much more time and cost-effective than a new design. Our team can help you determine the best approach to meet your website redesign requirements and implement them quickly.
WordPress Website Redesign Saves You Time and Money!
The Benefits of WordPress Website Redesign
So, you need a new look, increased functionality, or perhaps you recently updated your brand image. If you already have an existing WordPress website, you are already halfway there. You can save yourself the time and effort of creating new content by re-using effective content and images from your existing website. Our expert creatives will help you determine the best strategy and options for you, and how our WordPress website redesign services can provide the results you need.
Do You Really Need WordPress Website Redesign?
Getting a complete WordPress website re-design my not be the best option. Before you actually get started with your website re-design make sure to consider what you actually need. If you simply need to update a few pages with fresh content and write a new blog post or two you simply need an update. But if your current WordPress website falls short of user expectations, lacks critical functionality, or is experiencing an increased bounce rate our WordPress website re-design services may be the answer. Our team will help you figure that out.
Reasons for WordPress Website Redesign


Ever since the Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm update of 2015 having a mobile-first site is essential. We can help help you attract mobile consumers through our innovative website re-design services.

Hacked Website

Modern websites are tempting targets for hackers and other cyber criminals. If your website has been compromised most often the fastest and cheapest way to get you back up and running is to re-design your website.


Modern consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and sophisticated. If your existing website does not support the required functionality our innovative website re-design services will align your website with your target user expectations.


If you have recently changed your branding, are about to merge with another business, or significantly change the nature of your products or services a website re-design is the most effective way to update your online presence.


Are you considering selling products or services directly from your business website? Our innovative website re-design services allow you to quickly add the required functionality, shopping cart and payment gateways.


Your business website is a major investment and important tool for your business. But if you are unable to maintain it on your own it is not much use. Our innovative website re-design services will make all that frustration go away so you can focus on your business instead.


Regardless of the nature of your business you need to consider a website redesign at least every 2-4 years. There are a number of reasons for this. As technology advances your website will benefit from enhanced performance and security features. A website redesign is also a great way to update design elements such as your navigation, CTAs, interactive elements, and more. Our fast and affordable WordPress website redesign services will ensure that your online presence fully meets the expectations of your online audience.

Our WordPress Website Redesign Services Focus On:

  • A Comprehensive Website Audit

    We start with a comprehensive website and SEO audit to determine any obstacles and shortcomings on your existing website. Combined with our client questionnaire this gives us insights into what needs to be fixed, and what is already working.

  • Updating the Design and Content

    As part of any website re-design we make sure your actual website is up to the latest web development standards, and that your text and visual content appears fresh and relevant to your audience.

  • Creating Sustainable Search Strategies

    As part of your website re-design project we will develop and implement an organic SEO strategy that will drive more targeted traffic to your site through a robust search and content marketing strategy.

Why Our WordPress Website ReDesign Services?

Over the years we have re-designed so many websites it has become almost second nature to us. Starting with our own website, which serves as a bit of a testing ground for us, and website redesign projects for many of our clients we learned a lot of things about updating and refreshing websites. First of all, this is a regular part of maintaining and growing a website. Plus, your human visitors and search engines expect it as well.

Depending on your business or industry your website may appear outdated in as little as a year, and you should consider an update and website redesign at least every two to four years. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start from scratch. Our website redesign process helps you identify what to keep and what to create fresh. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


Another thing that concerns many website owners is what will happen to their existing site during the website redesign phase. We understand their concerns and have a number of options available for your website re-design project. We can clone your existing site and re-design it on another server or hide your new design and content until you are ready to show off your new look.

Regardless of your business or industry we are experts at aligning your website with the expectations of your ever more sophisticated and demanding audience of mobile consumers. Our website redesign services haven proven to give a real boost to many of our clients. We know we can achieve the same results for you as well.

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