4 Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials To Help You Thrive and Survive in the Digital Age!

ESPRESSO.digital - 4 Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials

4 Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials To Help You Thrive and Survive in the Digital Age!

Digital Marketing Is No Longer Optional for Small Businesses!

In 2018 having a small business content marketing strategy is essential for attracting, engaging, and converting your online audience. Yet many small businesses struggle to achieve measurable and sustainable results. The main reason is that they are missing one or more small business digital marketing essentials.


Digital marketing remains elusive for most small business owners. 46% don’t know if their marketing strategies work and 17% know their strategies aren’t working. MarketingProfs


In previous posts I outlined the why and how of small business digital marketing. Today I want to outline the 4 small business digital marketing essentials that you need to succeed. These components have to work together if you want to achieve sustainable results from your digital marketing strategy.

And yes, you do need all of these small business digital marketing essentials. Creating ineffective content or ignoring social media is exactly why you are not getting the results you need. Let me show you how it all works together.

Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials

S5i Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials - Responsive Website


A Responsive Website

Most consumers will visit your business website from a mobile device at least once. And more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktops, a trend that has been growing since 2013. If you have an outdated website that is not responsive you are in big trouble.


Mobile will account for 72% of digital ad spend by 2019. eMarketer


Since the Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update of April 2015 Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly by no longer showing them in search results from mobile devices. And if you have ever tried to navigate a non-responsive website on your smartphone I am sure you understand why your human visitors will go elsewhere.

In order to provide your online visitors with the best possible experience you absolutely must have a mobile-friendly website. That includes content an images that are optimized for mobile devices as well.


S5i Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials - Purposeful Content


Purposeful Content

Folks, I really hate to tell you this, but in 2018 creating content simply for the sake of creating it is not going to work any longer. Think about it; there is no point in having content on your business website if nobody reads it.

It is much more effective for your small business digital marketing to develop a strategic content and editorial strategy. That will allow you to create purpose-driven content that your audience will read and share with others. That is the only way that you will attract new readers and convert them into consumers of your product or service. Check out content marketing lessons for business owners to get some ideas of what you can do with content these days!


Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. Demand Metric


Be sure to use analytics to determine the best way to distribute your content through a variety of channels. At the very least I recommend that you consider email marketing, blogging, and a variety of social networks and platforms. If you are in a very competitive market you may need to add paid methods of content distribution to your digital marketing strategy. And don’t forget to add visual marketing to your small business digital marketing essentials.

The good news is that you don’t have to create content for all of the above. There are many effective ways for you to repurpose your content for distribution on other channels.


S5i Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials - Organic SEO Strategy


An Organic SEO Strategy

Here is something for your next trivia night. Every 24 hours approximately 140,000 NEW websites are created. Add that to all the existing websites and you will understand why Google, Bing, and other search engines can only crawl and index about 10% of all existing sites. So if your website is part of the 90% that don’t get indexed you are pretty much up the creek without a paddle.

A strategic, organic SEO strategy will allow your business website to appear within the first 1-5 listings. This will put you on the first page of search engine results, which is where you need to be. Approximately 80% of online searchers never go beyond the first page.


72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic Marketing Profs


Effective SEO allows your small business to acquire what we call targeted traffic, visits from consumers who are looking exactly for the product or service your small business provides. Even better, these visitors are usually ready to buy from you. Kaching!

Not having an effective SEO strategy also makes it much more likely that you fall victim to making small business SEO mistakes. The good news is that if you have a WordPress website you have a lot of great SEO tools and options available to you. If you are a brick-and-mortar business don’t forget to get your business found through local SEO.


S5i Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials - Active Social Media Presence


An Active Social Media Presence

Google has made having an active social media presence a key ranking factor. If your small business is not connecting with your target audience on social platforms you are missing valuable opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Social media allows small businesses to develop your brand identity and personality in a safe and targeted manner. This will make your small business more likable and approachable to your potential customers.


Social media has become the most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of B2C businesses.The next most used content marketing tactics are illustrations and photos (87%), eNewsletters (83%), videos (82%) and website articles (81%). Content Marketing Institute


But remember that social media is not about you; it is about everyone else. Don’t just simply tell your audience about your awesome new product or service. Instead, share stories of how your customers are using it. Consumers respond to stories that relate to or affect them as well. Think of it as a form of edutainment for your brand.

Out of all of our small business digital marketing essentials social media is the one that frequently is overlooked, or treated as an afterthought. Many small business owners don’t have the time for, or don’t see value in social media marketing. Getting started on social media is actually less complicated than you might think, and the benefits outweigh the effort.


S5i Creating Your Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials


Creating Your Small Business Digital Marketing Essentials

Most business owners and marketers will need at least some professional help to create their small business digital marketing essentials. I know the temptation to do this on your own and save a little extra cash is very tempting. But I really advise against you doing this on your own. Bite the bullet; consider it an investment in your business growth, and have someone help you.

Ideally you will find a professional or agency that can help you create all of these small business digital marketing essentials. That will save you both time and money, and guarantee that all the components fit and work seamlessly together. Plus working with a single service provider is much easier for busy small business owners.

Types of Digital Marketing Professionals You May Need

If you are unable to find a professional or agency that can help you with all of these small business digital marketing essentials you need to look for the following:

  • A web designer to build a mobile-friendly business website
  • A content strategist or copywriter to create a content strategy and content for your website
  • A search engine specialist to conduct keyword research and implement an effective SEO strategy
  • A social media strategist to establish an organic social media strategy for your brand

Depending on the nature of your small business and digital marketing requirements you may also need the following:

  • A professional photographer to take your product and location photos
  • A videographer to shoot video for your video marketing
  • A community manager to engage with your social media audience

Some Additional Small Business Digital Marketing Resources

If you are just starting out with digital marketing for your business here are some posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog you may want to check out:


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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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