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Creating great sushi is more like an art form than cooking. Watching a sushi master at work is like watching a great and well orchestrated performance. What looks so easy takes decades to perfect. The same is true for a sushi restaurant WordPress website. It needs to introduce the artist to the audience with simple, understated elegance.

When Seattle Sushi master Shiro Kashiba decided to open his masterpiece, Sushi Kashiba in the Pike Place Market, the news was welcomed by his local and national fans. In collaboration with four other sushi masters Shiro-San set out to create Seattle’s premier sushi restaurant. And from the beginning our team worked with him to create Seattle’s premiere sushi restaurant website.

Sushi Kashiba took almost one year from the forming of the idea to the opening of Seattle’s premiere sushi restaurant. Throughout that time our creative team worked with Shiro-San and his partners to help define and refine the look and feel of their new creation. During this time we also spent time with each of the partners to collect background info, and take lots of pictures. As the interior of the restaurant started taking shape we worked with Sushi Kashiba to translate that look and atmosphere into their online presence.

Once the kitchen was finished our photographer had a wonderful time photographing (and eating) all the wonderful food. The resulting images sure made the rest of us hungry. Since the food and location images were taken specifically for the new website they fit seamlessly into the design. Subtle colors and textures were also taken directly from the restaurant interior. The final result is a very minimal and understated sushi restaurant website. A few simple parallax effects enhance the design, rather than overwhelming it. As the owner said: “The site design transcends the Japanese sushi culture.

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