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Many musicians don’t realize the value of having a musicians website. That usually is a bit shortsighted. A well designed musicians website can showcase your talent, feature reviews and discographies, and even provide a handy schedule or booking calendar. All you have to lose by not having a musicians website are a few extra gigs, or more!

When Seattle drummer and bandleader Mike Daugherty first contacted us he was promoting his gigs through Facebook and word-of-mouth only. Seeing that he is a well know musician he was looking for a better alternative, and even considered trying to build his own site. Seeing that he is much better with snares and cymbals than code and browsers he decided to seek professional help to build his new site.

Since we already knew Mike from watching him perform at local venues he decided to reach out to us. He had a vision for his new musicians website, but no idea to make it a reality. That’s where we came in. We met with Mike a few times to discuss his needs and vision and come up with a “hip” design that reflected his unique style. Luckily he had some fabulous images, which gave us the perfect idea for his design. And as an eloquent writer he was able to create his own content, so all we really had to do was to put it together.

We decided to keep it simple and build a one-page Parallax musicians website for him. Each section has a nice Parallax transition, leading visitors on a journey of discovery. A short biography, a few testimonials, a discography, a scheduling calendar and simple contact form was the start. Eventually we plan to add some sound tracks and videos of his shows as they come available. For now Mike is very happy. His new musicians website is definitely going to help him present a more polished professional image than his Facebook page alone. As he proudly put it: “WOW! I am a big boy musician and band leader now.” That was music to our ears!

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