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Art galleries have fairly unique requirements when it comes to website design. The main focus is generally on the artists, not the gallery. A bold minimal design, combined with an elegant artist showcase, worked very well for this Seattle art gallery website.

We have to admit we were honored to be asked by eminent Seattle art gallery owner Lisa Harris to design her new website. Even more so when we found out that Lisa Harris Gallery had the first art gallery website in Seattle way back in 2000! So we knew we had to step up to the plate and bring the gallery’s online presence into the mobile age. This was especially critical as the gallery was moving to a new location and becoming the Harris Harvey Gallery.

The basic website is fairly simple, a few pages describing the gallery history, staff, and location. The real challenge lay in delivering a mobile-friendly way to browse artists and galleries. We chose a simple grid approach that can be modified depending on the number of pieces. All collections open as individual slide shows that look and work great across all mobile devices.

Another challenge in this Seattle art gallery website was the large number of images. We had to test and carefully determine the optimum image size for each piece to ensure both image quality and size. Due to the complexity of the website and the required functionality there were numerous other tweaks that had to be performed before the client was completely satisfied. But now this Seattle art gallery website will serve as a fitting of both the gallery and represented artists.

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