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Surfin' Seafood, Bainbridge Island, WA
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Most of you have bought things from an e-commerce website. Some of you may even do most or all of your shopping online. Even a few years ago that involved sitting in front of a desktop or laptop computer. No more! The mobile shopper wants a mobile e-commerce website and expects it to work great on their tablet, and even their smart phone. If your e-commerce site is not quick and easy they will move on to one that is. And that is a lost sale for you!

…the website is drastically easier to use. They were responsive. Once you get to work with them, they’re pretty fun to work with.

When the owners of Surfin’ Seafood contacted us they had just purchased an existing business. They wanted a fresh new look, better product images, and a more functional mobile e-commerce website. To make this entire project more manageable we broke it up into separate phases. Phase one involved the creation of a new brand identity and logo, including wrapping their delivery van. We appreciate the help and experience of our strategic partner United Reprographics with this phase!

Next came the photography part. We photographed the entire available product line frozen, then used them for actual recipe images as well. (We did mention we are foodies, right?) At the same time we created new and edited existing content and added organic keywords. The final phase was the design of a responsive mobile e-commerce website that looks and works great on all devices and is easy to update for the client.At the client’s request we added custom order tracking, payment processing, and shipping option configurations.

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