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Small retail stores, especially those catering to a select customer base, mainly rely on their reputation, selection, and walk-in traffic to generate sales. Many of you are not sure if the money spent on a retail store website is really a good investment. And while most small retail stores may not initially sell online even a small retail store WordPress website can help you reach and engage new potential customers.

…People have said that they like our website. Overall, it’s a high quality page.

Especially smaller, family owned, specialty retailers can provide personalized services not easily matched by larger stores. Their unique style and flair needs to be captured and reflected accurately in their online presence. An effective and engaging retail store website will give your business more exposure while staying true to your personality.

When specialty retailer Agate Designs contacted us to design their new retail store website they had an outdated and ineffective website and not enough visual content. Our team fixed that by photographing some of their collection in our studio and on location and designing an engaging website that reflects the long history and personal nature of this specialty retail store and the family that owns it. The site also showcases both new arrivals and existing merchandise for buyers.

And Hutch is very happy he is making so many new friends!

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