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Especially small restaurants have only limited needs and budgets for a website. As a result many of them end up with a cheap alternative such as pre-made templates and drag-and-drop page builders. While this saves time and money it does little to showcase a restaurant’s unique features. The restaurant business is very competitive, and a restaurant has to have a strong online presence to get noticed. We recommend a mobile-friendly one-page restaurant website as an elegant and cost-effective option.

In today’s mobile age you need to expect that your potential lunch or dinner customers will expect to find you online, on their smartphone. The easier you make it for them to scroll to the information they are looking for, the better. One long page that is easy to scroll is much more mobile-friendly than even a limited number of individual pages. Be sure to visually separate different sections to make it easy to scan on the go. And be sure to make your contact info and social icons easy to see and access on any device.

Manu’s Bodega was already in business for over a year when the owner contacted us regarding a new website. He recently changed the name of his Latin themed restaurant, added a new patio, and extended his hours. He had an existing website, but was not overly happy with it. The owner wanted to add new functionality, including the ability to order and pay for take-out ahead of time and live cams showing the order line and patio. And the new site had to be especially mobile-friendly as well to attract the busy lunch crowd.

We started by taking lots of images of the signature menu items as well as the location. Several live events provided us with some great visual material. We used the resulting images in the design of a responsive one-page restaurant website based on WordPress for maximum compatibility with third-party functionality. The one page design makes it easy for mobile visitors to quickly scan the content for the specific information they are looking for. Colors and other design elements reflect on the Latin theme of the restaurant.
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