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Any facility that caters to children of any age has two distinct set of consumers; the actual children who should go “WOW, I want to go there!” and their parents, who have a totally different set of requirements. For the web design agency this presents additional challenges as well.

In this case the challenges included not having an actual facility or images, and a client on the other side of the country from us. And we will be the first to admit that the first attempt at coming up with an event facility WordPress website design was not a success. The client was not happy, and our creative team was disappointed as well. Needless to say we had a lot of work to do.

We began by asking the client to provide as much detailed feedback as they possibly could what exactly did not appeal to them at our first attempt at their event facility WordPress website design. They did, and we went through their answers with them one-by-one explaining pros and cons, and planning out a course of action. This gave us a much improved base from which to try again.

The final version of this client’s WordPress website design is both functional and urban edgy. The animations and imagery will captivate the younger audience, while parents can easily find information, schedule events, and even sign insurance waivers right from the website.

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