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Keven Furiya | Artist, Seattle WA
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Artists don’t have it easy. To make a living they not only have to create art, they have to market and sell it as well. That used to mean carrying around your portfolio to show to potential clients, mailing slides of your art to galleries across the country, and answering a lot of questions. Very time-consuming, and not overly effective. An artist portfolio WordPress website is a lot more efficient, and it gives you some cool options not always available in a printed portfolio.

More and more artist are realizing that gallery shows and a print portfolio simply are not sufficient in the modern online world. A responsive website with a sortable portfolio will greatly increase visibility. Social sharing functionality and an interactive blog for short updates as well as comments from potential buyers further enhances the visitor experience.

We worked with Seattle artist Kevin Furiya to create a new online brand and presence that would list the artist’s achievements and showcase his work in a simple and user-friendly way. To provide an engaging experience to a variety of visitors on desktop and mobile devices we decided on a responsive artist portfolio WordPress website with a filterable gallery.

We also created a simple Japanese seal or “chop” of his name to use as a logo on his business cards and on his website. The overall effect is a classy, yet artsy, artist portfolio website which serves the intended purpose very well.

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