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Architects generally do not offer their services online, and very few architects offer generic building plans for sale on their website. Some architects are even lucky enough to generate new business through trade organizations, referrals from existing clients, and even partnerships with general contractors. So why exactly do you need an architect WordPress website?

When Jeremy Miller contacted us he was a very well-known architect with 30+ years of experience. What he did not have was a website, and that made it difficult for potential clients to see his work. Jeremy was interested in discussing how an architect website would benefit his firm, and we were happy to help!

To reflect his design style Jeremy wanted to focus on big bold images instead of a lot of text. Our team started by helping him organize his portfolio, including the digital capture of dozens of printed images, newspaper articles, etc. We also added new images from more recent projects. The final phase involved designing a one-page parallax website that is easy to navigate and very mobile friendly. As Jeremy wanted his beautiful designs now have a fitting online showcase.

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