How To Optimize Your Blog For Content Distribution - How to Optimize Your Blog for Content Distribution

How To Optimize Your Blog For Content Distribution

Why Should You Optimize Your Blog For Content Distribution?

Here is a question for you! When you publish a new blog post who actually knows about it? The answer is only you! Unless you are one of those super bloggers with your audience eagerly awaiting your latest post you have some work ahead of you. And this is exactly why you need to optimize your blog for content distribution.

In our last post we explained the Content Marketing Benefits For Small Brands. One of the key benefits of any content marketing strategy is that effective content gets shared across different platforms and networks. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to create relevant and engaging content, if you do it the right way. In this post we will show you how you can optimize your blog for content distribution.

Your blog is your most important owned property. If you want your content to make an impact, follow our best practices to make sure your blog is optimized for content distribution. A few simple tweaks can make all the difference between your next post going viral or remaining unread. And best of all, optimizing your blog for content distribution is free or low-cost, doesn’t take a long time, and once you optimize your blog for content distribution it doesn’t take much to keep it up!

If you are looking for additional information on how blogging can help you meet your business objectives check out our Blog Post Promotion Checklist for Business Bloggers and 11 Easy Tips for Writing Catchy Blog Titles. - Optimizing Your Blog for Content Distribution

Optimizing Your Blog For Content Distribution

The following are the basic minimum steps we recommend to optimize your blog for content distribution. We suggest that you implement all of them for maximum benefit.

Social Buttons + Counters

You have wonderful content, and your readers want to share it. If you don’t have an easy way for social sharing on your blog you are missing a key step in optimizing your blog for content distribution.


Sites with social sharing buttons generate 7x more mentions than those that don’t. BrightEdge Technologies


Place social share buttons prominently at the beginning of each post; we actually recommend putting them on the bottom as well. If your design works better with having your social share buttons in a sidebar or along the edge of your page place them there. Include counters on the buttons to encourage others to share, and help you track your social proof. Feature platforms that are relevant to your audience.


According to the Science of Social Timing, the best time to publish a blog post is Monday and Thursday at 9:30am EST; most blogs are read around 11am EST.

Tweetable Quotes

Keep readers engaged but including “tweet this” buttons throughout your blog post. If you really want to optimize your blog for content distribution you may need to try different quotes to see what works best for your audience.

S5i Optimizing Your Blog For Content Distribution

Email Subscribe Button

Encourage your audience to subscribe to your email newsletter by adding a prominent opt-in button. Likewise, be sure to add a reference and links to your latest blog posts to your email newsletter to encourage blog content distribution.

Optimize Images

This should be another no-brainer! Including beautiful visual content should be part of your blog content distribution strategy. Visual images increase shareability and engagement. A recent study by OKDork?BuzzSumo showed that blog posts with images have 64.9 average shares while those without only have 28 shares. Make sure to include keywords in image labels and alt tags to increase SEO. And if you are not already using image compression in Photoshop or a third-party plugin like WP.Smush.It we recommend you do so.



After tweaking one word in a CTA saw a 90% increase in click-through rate.


A clear call to action (CTA) needs to be part of your blog content sharing strategy. Whether it’s a link to the next article or an e-book download, provide something to entice readers to click through. Test different copy, placement, colors, etc. to see what resonates with your audience. Any Questions?

The Next Steps

As you can see from the above optimizing your blog for content distribution sounds harder than it really is. If you are already blogging you should be able to easily implement all of the above in an hour or so. If you feel a little more intimidated ask your webmaster or a fellow blogger for advice.

Of course, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble and work with us to optimize your blog for content distribution. Our content strategists and copywriters can help you with your content strategy, creation and editing, while our creative team can help you with the visual content. After that our social media strategists can determine the best platforms for you to add to your blog depending on your audience. Why not get started by requesting your free blog optimization estimate?

And if you are still not sure about optimizing your blog for content distribution don’t worry! Simply reach out and contact us. Our expert team will listen to you, answer your questions, and determine the best way for your business to get the content sharing benefits you need. That is one of our specialties, after all!

Thank you! We appreciate your help to end bad business websites, one pixel at a time!

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