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Commercial Photography
There is more to photography than just whipping out your smartphone, you know!
If lighting and composition are of value to you we should talk.

Studio and Location

All of our photography and image editing services are available in our studio or at your location.

Expert Image Editing

We provide a full range of in-house color correcting and digital image editing and manipulation services.

Latest Photo Styles

Let us style your studio or location set for the most demanding fashion, food or product photo shoot.

Why Commercial Photography?


Yes, we have smartphones as well! And we use them to take a quick shot to post on Facebook or text to a client. But in the studio or on location your images deserve a lot better than that! Images are essential to visual storytelling, and they need to be as good as possible to stand out. Blurry images, odd looking food, and badly lit models just don’t do it! And don’t even get us started on product shoot challenges! Commercial photography services help you avoid all of that!


Experienced photographers and stylists not only have the latest camera gear and lighting equipment at their disposal, they usually have years of experience and know how to draw on. So when things go wrong, the client is frantic, and deadlines fast approaching the pros are more likely to get it done. And don’t forget, you are not just taking a picture, you are telling a story. Don’t you want your story the best that it can be?


And after the photo shoot our post-production experts will carefully color correct and prep the images for web and print use. At your request we also provide complete image manipulation, compositing, and retouching services. You will receive all images on CD or DVD or via Dropbox or other secure FTP site, plus we will keep a complete archive for any future use.


We provide a full range of product photography and editing services for your e-commerce store.


Make a splash on the runway or in the studio with our expert fashion photographers and stylists.


For your restaurant website and social media marketing our food photography will make them drool.

Head Shots

From a new hire to your entire team we will capture your best side in the studio or on location.

 Photographers Seattle

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Our Commercial Photography Services Focus On:

  • Creativity and Style

    We want to make you stand out from the crowd, not blend into it. Instead of copying other styles that may not work for your brand or product we develop our styles, including styling and building our own sets.

  • Professional Expertise

    Any commercial photography project can present unique challenges and obstacles. Our expert photographers have over 20 years of professional experience in dealing with just about any challenge you can imagine, and some you can’t.

  • Optimized Images

    An image that looks awesome on your website will be quite different if you print it. And an image big enough to print crisp and sharp will slow your website down. We know how to optimize images for all intended applications and uses.

Top Agency

Many professional organizations consider us to be a top WordPress web design and development agency.

Global Team

Our creatives and strategists stretch from Japan to Italy, so someone has to be close to you.

Highly Caffeinated

We are not named ESPRESSO.digital, for nothing, you know. We are indeed highly-caffeinated!

Fun to Work With

Many of our clients love our approach and energy, and think we are a lot of fun to work with.

We Specialize in Commercial Photography

Not Simply Point-and-Shoot

These days everyone is an expert at commercial photography, or so it seems. And yes, you can take some really great images with modern smartphones. Some of our creatives have used them for website projects, and they look great. But it doesn’t always turn out that way. Commercial photography projects have their moments along the way!

Everything from very tiny to very shiny objects pose additional challenges, so you can imagine how jewelry shoots tend to go. Not to mention tight angles for shooting, bad lighting conditions, and the occasional equipment failure. And that publishing deadline isn’t budging, so if your product or fashion images are not on some FTP site by morning …, well, you get the picture!

To deliver eye-catching images under these conditions consistently takes more than an iPhone. It takes years of professional experience, quite a bit of technical know-how, a way with even the most high-maintenance models, and a big pile of professional camera and lighting gear. Welcome to the world of commercial photography! And you thought it was all just glamorous models and locations.

Why Work With Us?

Why not? We provide comprehensive commercial photography services to handle all of your website, advertising, commercial, product, food and fashion photography needs. From a onsite shoot of your office for your website to a new head shot for a brochure, we’ve got you covered. Even better; all of our commercial photography services are available in our in-house studio and on location.

Ready to Look Your Best?

When you are ready to showcase your product, location, or staff in a new light just reach out to us. We provide commercial photography services to small business owners, restaurants, models and agencies, not to mention online retailers just like you! If you are interested in learning how commercial photography services can impact your business we should talk!

A Few Recent Projects

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