Innovative Web Design Budget Guidelines
Our innovative web design methods provide any business with cost-effective options to build a sustainable online presence. Use our pricing and budget guidelines to better plan your project.
All creative agencies approach pricing and budgets differently. Some simply charge you by the hour. Others lock you in to long-term agreements that may not fit your needs. Our highly caffeinated process and innovative web design budget guidelines guarantee you a competitive price and help you better control the cost of your project.

Our Process

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Starting the Journey

We see all potential projects as starting on a journey with our clients. And we look forward to partnering with our clients for the long term. But working with our team comes at a cost. We do understand that many of our clients have limited budgets. And we always explore new ways to keep our creative and development costs down. All we ask of our potential clients is to have realistic budget and pricing expectations as we start our journey.

Please note that these guidelines are rough estimates, provided to serve as guidance as you plan your project. All projects are different, and these figures only indicate our minimum project budget and pricing expectations.


Our discovery and consultation process
creates the road map to your success!

$ 1,000.00 – $ 5,000.00

Before we can help you we must understand your current situation, determine the obstacles and roadblocks you are facing, and the short and long-term business objectives you are trying to achieve. Our discovery process uses a combination of online questionnaires and phone or Skype conversations.

Determining the Project Scope

Most clients can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on discovery and consulting services. Factors include the length of the discovery session, number of participants, location, and project particulars that may affect the length of the deliverables. Timeframes can be anywhere from weeks to months depending on project complexity.

At the very least we will need to design and build a mobile-first website for you. Many of our clients also need help with branding and graphic design, UX and UI design, photography or image sourcing, and search engine optimization services.


Mobile-first web design is a bit more complicated
and time consuming than you may think!

$ 5,000.00 – $ 12,000.00+

Web Design + Development

A basic mobile-first business website of up to 20 pages costs around $ 5,000.00. Additional options and functionality add to that. If you require additional pages,  content creation and search engine optimization you should expect costs from $ 8,000.00 to $ 12,000.00+


Your online store has many moving parts.
We make sure they all work well together!

$ 8,000.00 – $ 25,000.00

Creating an online store takes a bit more than throwing up some products, and hoping to make money in your sleep. Many brands fail to consider everything from shopping carts to payment gateways and shipping configurations to order tracking and inventory management as they determine their e-commerce budget. Our innovative web design budget guidelines will help you keep your project on track.

E-Commerce Solutions

A mobile-first e-commerce store built on the WooCommerce or Magento2 platforms costs between $ 8,000.00 and $ 15,000.00 depending on the number of products, required e-commerce solutions such as shopping carts and payment gateways, and other configurations. For enterprise-level stores costs can rise to well above $ 25.000.

If you require content and search engine optimization for your products you need to plan for $ 125.00 to $ 500.00 per product.

Our creative and design services range from designing a simple marketing brochure to developing a comprehensive brand strategy. In order to help you achieve your creative vision we will develop a number of different concepts and revisions for you. Use our innovative web design budget guidelines to determine your needs and priorities.


Our creative services focus on custom
strategies and designs instead of clipart!

$ 1,000.00 – $ 5,000.00+

Branding + Graphic Design

Developing an effective brand strategy is much more than designing your logo. Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy, and you must treat it as a business investment. Our branding services start at $ 1,000.00, with complete branding packages costing between $ 3,000.00 and $ 5,000.00.

Graphic design projects range from simple business cards to complicated infographics and interactive documents. We advise our clients to consider a minimum budget of $ 1,000.00 for simple projects and up to $ 5,000.00 for more complex tasks.

Search Engine Optimization

Building your online presence is only the start.
Now you have to promote it!

Monthly Fees: $ 500.00 – $ 2,000.00+

Launching your mobile-first website is only the first part for developing a diversified and sustainable digital marketing strategy. To maximize the benefits of your online presence, and to satisfy the requirements of both Google and your human visitors you need to consider ongoing search marketing as part of your innovative web design budget guidelines.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization is essential if you want to reach a bigger online audience. All of our mobile-first web design projects include on-page and on-site SEO and comply with all current Google guidelines. Ongoing SEO services such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and link building are available at costs ranging from $ 500.00 / month to $ 5,000.00+.

We understand that not everyone has the budget they need to get everything they want. Especially for startups and individual service providers these innovative web design budget guidelines may not fit their budget. To help you establish an initial online presence to build your brand and connect to your online audience we have created a few package options that may work for you.

Budget Options

We understand startups and budget limitations.
And we have ways to help you get started!


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