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Inbound Marketing Comes in All Shapes and Sizes!

We know from experience that inbound marketing projects come in all shapes and sizes. Big and small, they range from coming up with new content strategies and complete website redesigns to creating blog posts and running social media campaigns. For clients they are all equally important, and they all deserve the same attention. But where do you start? We have come up with a simple inbound marketing checklist.

Use our inbound marketing checklist to create the content that your audience is looking for. It will help you design a look and voice that captures your brand, engage and convert a new audience, and help you get found through search engine optimization. And best of all, it works with all kinds of different inbound marketing strategies and campaigns. Go ahead, give it a try!


our inbound marketing checklist


Our Inbound Marketing Checklist


  • Do you know what your audience wants to hear?
  • Do you know how and when your audience wants to consume your content?
  • Do you know what your competition is doing?
  • Are you monitoring and tracking your campaign performance?
  • Do you have a budget for paid advertising?
  • Do you know how to optimize your paid advertising budget?

Branding + Design

  • Do you have a kick ass brand strategy?
  • Is your brand strategy, including your brand style guide, documented?
  • Are your branded designs compelling and interesting?
  • Does your branding help your visual storytelling?
  • Is your website the key visual representation of your brand?
  • Is your brand strategy consistent across all your social channels and professional networks?

Content Development


Google Analytics


Making our Inbound Marketing Checklist Work for You


Making Our Inbound Marketing Checklist Work for You!

OK, how many items could you check off on our inbound marketing checklist? If you use our inbound marketing checklist from the beginning you should have very little problems creating an effective inbound marketing strategy and campaign.

Hopefully our inbound marketing checklist illustrated the need for having a plan before you get started. While it sounds simple, inbound marketing is more than just “putting some content out there and hoping it will stick.” You really need to have a strategy, and stick to it, in order to be effective.

There are references to specific blog posts throughout our inbound marketing checklist above. If you would like some additional info on digital or content marketing check out these posts on our Coffee Grounds Blog:

And if you are new to inbound marketing I recommend that you hire a marketing consultant to get you started. Have them help you identify your target audience, the content you need to create to satisfy them, and establish some measurable goals and targets. Use these as building blocks to expand your inbound marketing strategy.


Let Us Help You with Inbound Marketing!

Here at Studio 5 Innovation, we offer a full range of inbound marketing services, including digital marketing, brand strategy and development, content strategy and creation, and search engine optimization and performance tracking.

Contact us to learn more about our inbound marketing services, and how our team can help you implement our inbound marketing checklist in your campaigns.

Can you add anything to our inbound marketing checklist? Please leave your comments below so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed so you don’t miss our next post! And help your audience become more effective inbound marketers by sharing our inbound marketing checklist with them!

By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Chief Innovator




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