Why You Should Consider Improving Inbound Marketing With Website Redesign

ESPRESSO.digital - Improving Inbound Marketing Through Website Redesign

Why You Should Consider Improving Inbound Marketing With Website Redesign

Is Your Website Hurting Your Inbound Marketing?

The beginning of the year is the time when we redesign a lot of client websites. We love this kind of project. A website refresh or update is a great way to polish the look and feel of an existing site. Even better, it can be a big step towards improving inbound marketing.


ALL of the most valuable content marketing types for moving prospects through the sales funnel according to B2B marketers is inbound marketing content Statista


You already know inbound marketing is absolutely crucial for an effective business website. Inbound marketing strategies like content marketing are favored by search engines and help your site rank higher in search results. By improving inbound marketing it will be much easier for you to engage your potential customers and convert them into consumers.


32% of surveyed brands have decided to reallocate marketing budget from outbound to Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Agents


There is a strong relationship between improving inbound marketing and website redesign. An effective website redesign makes inbound marketing work better by improving user engagement. That in turn enhances user experience and generates more inbound leads.


46% of marketers reported that inbound marketing gave a higher ROI HubSpot


Unfortunately many business websites are not designed or updated with improving inbound marketing in mind. To help you do better with your website refresh here are 5 tips for improving inbound marketing with website redesign.


S5i 5 Simple Tips for Improving Inbound Marketing


5 Simple Tips for Improving Inbound Marketing

Tip 1: Consider Your Website Structure

The first step for improving inbound marketing with your website redesign is taking a good look at your website structure. Aligning the structure of your business website with inbound marketing best practices is essential. It offers many benefits, including saving time and money, preventing a waste of resources, cutting down on repetitions, and so on.

When you redesign your website keep your potential customers journey of conversion in mind. Improving inbound marketing includes elements like CTAs, landing pages and opt-in forms. For a truly effective website redesign you need to consider inbound marketing practices before you begin the redesign. In other words, improving inbound marketing cannot be an afterthought.

Tip 2: Focus On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving inbound marketing often includes focusing on SEO. A website redesign is an excellent opportunity to determine which pages of your website are not search engine optimized and need to be changed. Search rankings not only depend on having sufficient content and relevant keywords. They also depend on the SEO implementation on your business website.

Part of your website refresh should focus on updating your organic search and keyword strategy. Are you still using relevant keywords and phrases? Are you using them correctly in your title tags, Meta descriptions, and URLs?

Our small business SEO toolbox can help you find and remove obstacles that you may not be aware of. And take a look at how you can avoid many small business SEO mistakes from the start.

Tip 3: Create Fresh Relevant Content for Your Target Audience

One super effective way for improving inbound marketing is by improving your website content. Content is considered to be the most important part of any inbound marketing strategy. Content marketing is the most effective way to satisfy Google’s requirement of fresh, relevant content. Take a look at how you can create SEO-friendly content yourself.

For most business owners blogging is the easiest and most effective form of content marketing. Simply posting to your business blog on a regular basis is a guaranteed way for improving inbound marketing. If you do not have a blog on your business website consider adding one as part of your website redesign.

Tip 4: Improve User Experience

Improving inbound marketing often requires improving the overall user experience. Brands that use inbound marketing most effectively are the ones who take the time to create the right buyer personas for their target audience. They analyze the buying process of their customers and take into account consumers’ interests in order to design their website.

Redesigning your website in a way that will fit all your buyer personas is not easy. It takes a lot of research and planning. However, once you have defined all your buyer’s journeys of conversion, it will be much more apparent what needs be included in your website and how you need to redesign it.

Tip 5: Increase Visitor Interactions

Improving inbound marketing means keeping your website visitors engaged on your site as long as possible. That means you need to give them a reason to do so. Therefore you must pay attention to increasing visitor interactions when redesigning your website. There are two simple ways to do that: encourage sharing and add Calls-To-Action (CTAs).

One way for improving inbound marketing is to make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media. Consider encouraging social sharing by adding some social media share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest on your website. We use and highly recommend AddThis as social sharing options.

Another way to increase interactions is adding CTAs. If you want your website visitors to do something when they are on your website, then you must tell them! The best calls to action are easy to follow, provide an immediate benefit, and include a sense of urgency. Asking visitors to sign up for your newsletter or provide their email in exchange for a free white paper are very effective ways for improving inbound marketing.


S5i Improving Inbound Marketing Yourself


Improving Inbound Marketing Yourself

As you can see website redesign and inbound marketing are much more connected with each other than many business owners think. Therefore it is essential to focus on inbound marketing considerations as part of any business website redesign.

Lucky for you improving inbound marketing as part of your website refresh is pretty straight forward. You have our tips; all you have to do is implement them. Perhaps you already gave this some thought, and only need to tweak a few minor things.

If you are just starting your website redesign process make sure to include improving inbound marketing as a measurable objective. Don’t wait until you are done. By that time you will have missed valuable opportunities, and may have to start over. And that costs time and money, which most businesses we know can’t really spare.


Last year, 67% of surveyed B2B companies said Inbound Marketing was a top three or very high priority in their marketing strategy Kapost


Making improving inbound marketing an essential part of your project makes it easier for you to research and implement strategies and best practices, create fresh content, and enhance your overall topical user experience.

Maybe you just finished a website refresh yourself. In that case take a look at how your new business website measures up to these considerations for improving inbound marketing. If you engaged a professional web design or inbound marketing agency you most likely are good to go. But if you did this on your own and notice discrepancies you should ask for professional help.

A Few Tips for Making Your Business Website All It Can Be

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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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