6 Essential WordPress Security Hacks You Must Implement to Protect Your WordPress Website!

ESPRESSO.digital - Essential WordPress Security Hacks

6 Essential WordPress Security Hacks You Must Implement to Protect Your WordPress Website!

Why You Must Implement These Essential WordPress Security Hacks Today!

About every third client I talk to at the highly caffeinated agency is opposed to having a WordPress website. Why is that? Well, the answer is pretty basic. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering almost 60% of all CMS sites. And that makes WordPress a huge target for hackers! But don’t blame them if your WordPress site gets hacked! The problem is not the hackers; the problem is the business owners who don’t protect their WordPress sites! For you I have some essential WordPress security hacks you must implement to protect your site.

Many business owners believe that once their WordPress website is built and launched they are done. But that belief can really work against them. Simply launching a WordPress website is like giving birth to a baby, and tossing it out. And you wouldn’t do that, would you? The same goes for your WordPress site. If you want it to support your short and long-term business objectives you have to work at it. And these essential WordPress security hacks are a great start!

WordPress Security Concerns

Of course, WordPress security can be a bit overwhelming. The main areas for concern are the following:

  • WordPress hosting
  • Your login page
  • Your admin dashboard
  • The database
  • The WP theme and plugins
  • Your WP users

The following infographic from our friends at Digital Marketing Philippines outlines and explains why each of the above is a critical factor for your WordPress security, and how you can eliminate that threat.

Essential WordPress Security Hacks

ESPRESSO.digital - Essential WordPress Security Hacks - Digital Marketing Philippines Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Digital Marketing Philippines

Now That You Know About Essential WordPress Security Hacks …

And that’s all most business owners really need to know about protecting WordPress websites. Of course, knowing something and actually doing something are two vastly different things! I have provided the same info as a presentation at conferences and for business organizations. Usually there are a few folks taking notes or clicking links on their iPads. So they are probably good to go, or know someone who can help them.


Hacked Sites Are Up 32% in 2016. Google


But especially small business owners or individual professional service providers tend to be partially or totally overwhelmed and in shock. I completely understand! This is not only a scary subject; it is foreign to many of you. And now you just found out that you have to deal with this, on top of maintaining and updating your website. Not to mention that little detail of actually running and growing your business.

What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked

First, take a couple of deep breath! Relax, as with most website tasks this sounds way more scary than it really is. If you followed the above steps, or had your web designer follow them, your site is pretty safe from malicious attacks. And by having a backup of your site you can quickly get back to normal in a worst-case scenario. So please don’t loose any sleep over this tonight!

But if you haven’t done anything since you launched your site I recommend you get some help. If your business website looks and functions as always it most likely has not been compromised in any way. But if you notice strange or even offensive content or images, or if your site suddenly doesn’t work the same, you most likely have been hacked. In that case you should get professional help, starting with a free security scan or malware scan. That will help you determine the next steps.


The average cost of a hacked website is $2,518. WordFence Blog


Keep in mind that a hacked website not only will cost money to restore. You will also loose any sales from your site while it is down, and that does not include the cost of potential sales that went to your competitors. You will also need to expect a pretty significant drop in your organic search rankings, and that can take a long time to recover.

More About WordPress Websites

Many businesses and organizations use WordPress to power their online presence. It is a very versatile, robust, and scaleable web development platform. From a simple small business website to a large e-commerce store WordPress can help you achieve your online marketing and engagement objectives.

For additional WordPress facts, tips and tricks check out these posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog:


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Need Help Protecting Your Own WordPress Website?

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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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