Our Thoughts on DIY Web Design
Sure you can build your own website. But you may be getting in over your head. There are reasons why the overwhelming majority of DIY business websites never publish at all. So watch your step, and don't reach too far!
Why DIY Web Design Is Not A Good Option for Most Businesses
The success of your online presence relies on numerous components that have to work seamlessly together to to provide you with sustainable results. The trick is to get them all to play nicely together. DIY web design may not be the best option for you or your business!
Planning and building an effective digital presence for your business may seem easy, but it is actually a fairly complex process. And that is for a simple brochure or informative website only. Imagine the challenges involved in creating an e-commerce presence, interactive community forum, or enterprise level site. Actual web design represents only part of the required effort.
In addition to the actual web design you have to determine what content you need, followed by actually creating both visual and text content. You must also determine how your audience will find you through organic search. And then you have to attract and engage your intended target audience. Whew!

Of the DIY’s (Do-It-Yourselfers) that embark on building a site, 98% of them fail in publishing one at all.

Building their own website is very tempting to many business owners. They feel encouraged by the ready availability of free or low cost themes and templates. And while we admire and applaud their can-do attitude we still recommend against building your own business website. It is simply not the best use of your valuable time and resources.
Creating a mobile-first website is a complex process. The design is actually fairly simple by comparison. Our web designers and developers spend a lot more time tweaking elements, finding and fixing bugs in the code, and otherwise make your new website behave the way you need it to. And don’t even get us started on the joys of cross-browser testing!
Building and launching a website is only the first step in what will be an ongoing process. Here at the highly caffeinated agency we compare launching a website to giving birth to a baby. You think that the hard part is over, but in reality it is just starting! Just like a newborn your new website needs ongoing care and attention. Human visitors and search engines expect and require ongoing fresh and informative content. You will need to track your website analytics and tweak your SEO strategy to stay on the top of search rankings. By the time you maintain an active blogging and social media strategy you will have no time left to actually run your business! On the plus side, your website will never ask you to borrow the car keys.
We Can Help!
Most business owners who try DIY web design either end up with an ineffective website, or fail to publish one at all. Neither is going to achieve your business objectives!
We admire any business owner starting out on their own DIY web design project. Remember, we do this all the time, and we know what can lie ahead! So really, kudos to all of you who go ahead and try. And we certainly wish you all the best. Of course, if you get stuck, or have questions or concerns regarding your DIY web design project, feel free to reach out for help.


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