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Visual storytelling is a key component of an effective digital media strategy. But what kind of story are you telling with blurry, dark and low-quality images? There is more to photography than just whipping out your smartphone, you know! If lighting and composition are of value to you we should talk.

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Smartphones and Photography

Yes, we have smartphones as well! And we use them to take a quick shot to post on Facebook or text to a client. But in the studio or on location your images deserve a lot better than that! Images are essential to visual storytelling, and they need to be as good as possible to stand out. Blurry images, odd looking food, and badly lit models just don’t do it! And don’t even get us started on product shoot challenges! Commercial photography services help you avoid all of that!

The Professional Advantage

Experienced photographers and stylists not only have the latest camera gear and lighting equipment at their disposal, they usually have years of experience and know how to draw on. So when things go wrong, the client is frantic, and deadlines fast approaching the pros are more likely to get it done. And don’t forget, you are not just taking a picture, you are telling a story. Don’t you want your story the best that it can be?

We Do It All

And after the photo shoot our post-production experts will carefully color correct and prep the images for web and print use. At your request we also provide complete image manipulation, compositing, and retouching services. You will receive all images on CD or DVD or via Dropbox or other secure FTP site, plus we will keep a complete archive for any future use.

did you know?
Low-quality product images are a big
turn-off for online consumers.

photo fact

Your website and marketing images
are a reflection of your brand.

photo fact

Snapshots share moments.
Professional images sell products.

Studio + Location

We can provide a full range of photography services both in our in-house studio or just about anywhere on location.

Photo Styling

Our photo stylists make sure that your images are perfect by carefully styling each set depending on your preferences and requirements.

Post Production

We provide a full range of post production services, including sizing and retouching, color correction, and background removal.

Image Manipulation

We can manipulate, create, and combine different images to create composites that match even the most advanced visual storytelling requirements.

Fast Turnaround

We can handle tight shooting and production deadlines on short notice so our clients don’t have to miss out on sudden opportunities.

Digital File Transfer

We can deliver print and screen resolution files instantly anywhere in the world via Dropbox, Google Drive, and most other cloud services.

photo fact
Websites with professional images
generate 3x the user engagement.

did you know?

Over 100 Million images are
uploaded to Instagram every day!

photo fact

The human brain is hardwired to
respond to visual clues like images.

why work with us?

Why not? We provide comprehensive commercial photography services to handle all of your website, advertising, commercial, product, food and fashion photography needs. From a onsite shoot of your office for your website to a new head shot for a brochure, we’ve got you covered. Even better; all of our commercial photography services are available in our in-house studio and on location.

ready to look your best?

When you are ready to showcase your product, location, or staff in a new light just reach out to us. We provide commercial photography services to small business owners, restaurants, models and agencies, not to mention online retailers just like you! If you are interested in learning how commercial photography services can impact your business we should talk!

Simply fill out the form on the right or contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

what our clients say

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Sushi Kashiba
Director of Operations

The website [designed by] has set a very good light for our restaurant. We’ve received significant press coverage within The Seattle Times and even national publications.

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Summerfield Services
Marketing Director is everything that you could ask for in an agency. They offer a wide range of services and do each one exceptionally well. I am very happy with our new website design.

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First Underwriters Insurance
Principal did a phenomenal job … I appreciate their professionalism and friendliness. They have been very engaging.

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Agate Designs

People have said that they like our website. Overall, it’s a high quality page that created for us.

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Bicycles for Humanity Seattle
Board Member

They did a complete redesign of the site, from what was pretty clunky to something rather impactful. People have been really impressed. Of our peer groups, it’s really one of the finer sites.

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Leda Business Consulting

They did a great job project managing me, which I needed and I expected, because I’m running around trying to do my small business. I really enjoyed working with them immensely.

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Surfin' Seafood

The website is drastically easier to use. They were responsive. Once you get to work with them, they’re pretty fun to work with.

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Looks a lot different from this side, doesn’t it? Taking eye catching product, food or fashion images requires quite a bit of skill. You know, things like lighting and composition. And focus, let’s not forget about focus! …. Are you sure that’s the best angle? …. Up to you of course…