Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes? - Digital Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes?

It’s Easy to Make Digital Marketing Mistakes

No matter what type of business you have or what your industry is, you are probably engaging in digital marketing of some kind already. But by inadvertently making crucial digital marketing mistakes you greatly reduce the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns. Recently we discussed the Key Ingredients of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy and alerted you to some Content Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Watch. Today we want to help you avoid 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes your business is likely making right now!


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Nobody is perfect, especially when you are new to something. And digital marketing is still fairly new to most small business owners. The old broadcast marketing methods don’t work the same in the digital world. But it doesn’t hurt to try in order to avoid making obvious digital marketing mistakes. They might not seem obvious to you know, but after reading this post you may kick yourself for not thinking of these blunders already. Luckily they are all relatively easy to fix once you can identify them. Let’s hunt them down, shall we?


5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make

S5i Digital Marketing Mistakes - Ungated Content


Mistake # 1 – Ungated Content

You know the old saying: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” In this instance, replace ‘cow’ with your product or service, and ‘milk’ with your website and social media content. Not gating your content can represent a huge missed opportunity to gather information on prospective leads and customers. Downloading your content shows interest in your business. But if you don’t get a way to contact potential new customers, how are you going to tell them about how great you are?


S5i Digital Marketing Mistakes - No "Get a Quote" Page


Mistake # 2 – Not Having a “Get a Quote Page”

Let’s get this straight, not having an estimate or quote page is a huge mistake. Next, let’s clear up a lingering misconception: just because you have an estimate or quote page does not mean you have to hand over all your juice pricing details up front. Use a form to gather relevant information about the prospect, and reach out to them afterwards to see how serious they are before you start talking numbers. Having the option to get a quote can put you ahead of your competition and better help guide the prospect on the journey of conversion.


S5i Digital Marketing Mistakes - Bad CTA Placement


Mistake # 3 – Bad CTA Placement

Another of the more common digital marketing mistakes most small businesses make is bad placement for their call to action (CTA). Bad CTAs (too much text, too salesy, too flashy) are one thing, but bad CTA placement is a whole other ballgame. Remember, you are trying to guide your visitors, not confuse them! Sometimes subtlety is the key. Use content offer CTAs on pages that are related to that content. After all, if visitors have navigated to that page to begin with, they have already shown interest in that topic or subject. Why not drop a casual hint on how they can learn more?


S5i Digital Marketing Mistakes - Not Having Unique Landing Pages


Mistake # 4 – Not Having Unique Landing Pages

If all your CTAs lead to the same page, you could have a huge mess on your hands. This mistake makes it much harder to decipher what action your contact took to land on that page, the success of your CTAs, and how you should be nurturing leads later on. In our Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages we showed you how to design your landing pages.  Each landing page should have unique content to convince that prospect that they need what you are giving away, and you can’t do that using just one landing page.


S5i Digital Marketing Mistakes - Using the Same Thank You Page


Mistake # 5 – Using The Same Thank You Page

The last, but not least, of our digital marketing mistakes can show your prospective clients how much you care about their business. It may seem easier to have one generic thank you page to send all your leads to, but it is also a huge mistake. A thank you page is a great opportunity to further market your business. Use CTAs related to your previous landing page to nurture the lead further down the conversion funnel. Include links to your social accounts or recent blog posts to further build trust. Show your leads that you have got your ducks in a row and know what you are talking about.


S5i Fixing and Avoiding Digital Marketing Mistakes


Fixing and Avoiding Digital Marketing Mistakes

Now that you understand common digital marketing mistakes you can avoid them in the future. If you think you are guilty of making any of the above digital marketing mistakes, don’t panic! All of them can most likely easily be remedied. Do a quick assessment of your website, identify errors, and fix them or have someone do it for you.


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Depending on your level of comfort with digital marketing, and the state of your digital marketing strategy in general, you may not feel comfortable with implementing your own changes. In some cases it is better to have a professional or agency take over and start fresh. Feel free to use our list of common digital marketing mistakes as a guideline for what to avoid next time.

If you are just starting out with digital marketing for your business here are some posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog you may want to check out: Any Questions?

We Can Help You Avoid Digital Marketing Mistakes!

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