Our Creative Process
Second Step
Concept + Design

Our creative and strategy teams will design and develop your campaign based on the information we gathered in the previous step. Each one of our projects is unique and specifically tailored towards the client audience and message.

We encourage clients to take a collaborative approach together with our team. Mockups and digital proofs are provided online or can be downloaded from our website.

Once a client is satisfied with the campaign message, content, and delivery method the design phase of our process is complete. While minor changes are expected the overall look and feel of the campaign is finished.

Third Step
Build + Develop

This involves the development and configuration of your online presence, mobile app, e-commerce shopping cart, and any other required functionality. Our team will take the designs from step two and turn them into a functioning online presence.

Clients will have access to a beta version of their new site, and we walk them through the entire site to ensure that they are satisfied with the overall functionality. This is an excellent way to fine-tune any user experience aspects.

When the client is satisfied they can sit back and relax. But our team is only half-way through the process at this point!

Fourth Step
Test + Tweak

This is where our team as well as carefully selected beta testers ‘kick the tires’. We test for browser and mobile device compatibility, e-commerce functionality, and performance issues.

If required we check if social media profiles and local listings are fully optimized, help clients configure email and opt-in forms, and generally make sure everything works!

Once every component has been checked, re-checked, and meets all of our stringent standards we inform the client that their campaign is ready for launch.

Fifth Step
Launch + Setup

The launch of a new website is only one aspect of a campaign launch. Frequently our team integrates social media and email marketing campaigns that create a buzz about the upcoming new online presence and starts driving traffic to the new site.

Our SEO specialists make sure search engines are aware of your new site, and our internet security experts will carefully monitor the new site for any potential security risks. At this stage we also configure email systems and paid search or advertising campaigns as required.

Sixth Step
Analytics + Reporting

The final step in our process is performance tracking. As soon as your new online presence is live and your social media campaigns are implemented we can start tracking live data from multiple channels using applications such as Google Analytics, SEO Moz, Sprout Social, Klout, and a few proprietary ones we like to keep to ourselves.

Our data scientists, digital strategists, and SEO experts will carefully analyze and compare the incoming data and compile monthly reports for our clients.