Working with us
If you think hiring an expert is expensive just wait until you work with an amateur! Our proven methods deliver better results at a lower cost and in less time. Of course, some of you will need some convincing. So here are some cost-effective ways for you to start working with us. Think of it as our tasting menu!
Quick Phone Call
As a business owner you have lots of things to do. We respect that, and don't want to waste your time. Why not get started with a quick phone call? Maybe we can answer your questions and address your concerns right then and there. If not we have a good basis to go from.
Website Audit
Start with a free website audit. Email us a link and we will take a look to make sure your business or professional website is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, current and serving your brand and business as it should. If you are good to go we will let you know that too!
Coffee Date
We are happy to answer any initial questions via email or with a quick phone call. If you need a bit more time than that we can go on a coffee date! Simply contact us and we will set one up for you at a convenient coffee shop near our studio, or close to your office. Many of our clients think this is a fun way to start working with us.
Test Drive
There needs to be a connection between agency and client if any creative project is to end well. Therefore we want to give you an opportunity to test drive us before working with us. We offer an initial discovery audit and consultation in person, via phone or Skype. After that you will have some great web design, SEO, and content marketing ideas. That gives you a solid plan for moving forward, as well as a written proposal and estimate.
Hourly Rates
Most of our projects and monthly campaigns are flat fee based and billed accordingly. But some projects are less defined, and therefore billed by the hour.
Our hourly rate depends on the type of work performed and ranges from $ 75.00 to $ 175.00.
Budget Requirements
Working with us should be considered as an investment into building your brand and online presence, and developing an on-going diversified digital marketing strategy. We advise our clients to plan for a budget of around $ 2,000.00+ for the actual web design, and more if they need help with brand or content strategy, photography, and SEO. Clients requiring ongoing support should set a monthly budget for website hosting and maintenance updates, and search, content, and social marketing campaigns.