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Content Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Watch

Top Content Marketing Trends

Starting in 2014 content marketing became one of the most effective way to promote your business, and current polls place content marketing as the most commercially important digital marketing trend for 2015. Businesses from all markets and verticals are planning to boost their content marketing efforts more than ever before.

Content Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Watch Title Image

Even major brands are joining in the effort, with as many as 69% of all major brands steadily increasing content creation and production for their content marketing strategies. We believe that all businesses should start taking action and develop a more robust content marketing plan. Here are some Content Marketing Trends our team believes you need to understand and consider before you create content and build and market your brand online.

8 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Watch:

1 – Content Marketing Will Be More Targeted and Personal


Content will become targeted and more personal. Content marketing will take a seat at the table, with a budget and someone in authority to drive strategic content programs.” according to NewsCred’s Michael Brenner.


Content marketing is now going for a micro-targeting approach, where brands and businesses really get to connect and know their customers on a more personal level. This will foster trust that generates customer loyalty which is good for business in the long term.

The site personalization technology already widely used in e-commerce are now utilized by other industries for personalizing content distribution to end users. This results in better and more targeted responses and results.

2 – Content Marketing Will Use More Paid Placements

Another of our top content marketing trends is more businesses and brands are increasing their spending for paid placements in various social channels. This is mainly due that organic, or non-sponsored content is getting even less natural exposure, similar to the 44% decline after the Facebook algorithm change.

One major attribute in paid placements that digital marketers should consider is the use of native advertising, or basically using the native form sand function of each individual social platform to structure ads making them appear more like ordinary content rather than blatant in-your-face advertising.

Native ads are better in generating higher engagement and as much as 82% in brand lift increase. On top of that, purchase intent can jump up to 53% higher when native advertising is used.

3 – Content Marketing Will Use More Marketing Automation Tools

Digital marketers are starting to get more comfortable in using technology for their marketing, and businesses are expected to significantly increase spending in this channel.

As many as 40% of leading brands agree that they need to improve and boost their content marketing technology. One such technology is proving to be the use of content malketing automation tools.

Content Marketing Trends - Marketing Tools by Curata

The above chart from Curata illustrates how varied existing marketing automation systems are. These suites, however, are much more focused on traditional marketing integration rather than marketing automation. Those who have managed to integrate a marketing automation system into their marketing mix generated an average of 50% more conversions.

4 – Content Marketing Will Use More Professional Writers

No, our copywriters did not make me put this into our content marketing trends, but this is important nonetheless! Brands have evolved into full publication channels that provide value to targeted customers with relevant and high-quality content. This prepares them for further changes in search algorithms that target and penalize poor content, and prioritize high quality content instead.

S5i Content Marketing Trends: Professional Copywriting

Businesses should focus more on building their own content marketing team composed of, or at least assisted by, professional writers and content creators. With an editorial team they can focus on creating high-quality content used for content marketing that is fully optimized for better placement and engagement.

5 – Content Marketing Will Focus More on Distribution

In our content marketing trends, creating high-quality and relevant content is at the core of all digital marketing efforts; we can not stress this enough! Success in content marketing has a second part, which is focused on distribution and publication. Surprisingly, previous research indicates that only 26% of all digital marketers are actually focusing focusing on and investing in distribution.

Without proper and strategic distribution channels, content ends up going anywhere except targeted audiences, which is not an effective way to increase conversions and revenue. Digital marketers are focusing more on optimizing their distribution channels to make sure their carefully crafted content reaches their equally carefully curated audiences.

S5i Content Marketing Trends: Social Media

6 – Content Marketing Will Marry Social Media

Next in line of our content marketing trends is this little doozy: expect content marketing and social media to move beyond the getting-to-know-you stage and actually tie the knot to form a full blown content marketing strategy across robust social channels.

Social media is definitely not considered a mere fad any longer, but a very important distribution channel. 94% of marketers agree to its importance, and you can expect to see more brands and businesses including social media in their content marketing mix.

S5i Content Marketing Trends: Mobile Marketing

7 – Content Marketing Will Boom with Mobile Marketing

Following the release of Google’s Mobile Update the next one of our content marketing trends is really big! Integrating mobile marketing into your content marketing mix will make your campaigns show positive results. Just take a look at what it did for brands like Coca Cola, American Express, and Red Bull.

More and more people use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and sooner or later we predict that mobile marketing will dominate the entire digital marketing scene. New mobile channels are emerging, and researcher Forrester predicts that “by 2020 one fifths of all sales will come from information collected from wearables and mobile devices. Businesses would do well to start preparing for this trend.

Content Marketing Trends: Visual Storytelling

8 – Content Marketing Will Go Nuts with Visual Storytelling

The last, but not least, of our content marketing trends is also one of our personal favorites, it involves visual storytelling! There is so much digital noise on the world wide interweb that marketers need to develop more creative and engaging content marketing channels. This is the only way for brands to rise above the noise and reach their targeted audience.

Visual storytelling will definitely boost the chances of your content standing out from the rest of the mundane and stale, and thereby stand out and get the attention it deserves from targeted audiences.

Experts like Anne Handley, Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi agreed on a Pardot webinar that “videos continue to be a big thing in 2015, just like in 2014.” On top of that, digital and content marketers rediscovered podcasts and other audio content to boost the storytelling appeal in their content marketing strategies. Any Questions?

Acting on these Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is definitely only going to get bigger. Therefore it is high time for business owners and marketers to embrace these strategic efforts and boost their overall digital marketing efforts for better and more sustainable results.

If you want some more info regarding content creation and marketing check out the following posts: A Step-by-Step Guide to Content Creation, 3 Time Saving Content Marketing Tips, and 5 Content Marketing Facts Every Business Needs to Understand.

Content marketing does take some time and effort. For most small to mid-size businesses that is the biggest problem. There are free or low cost resources available for small business owners. Check out professional networks and Meetup groups to help you find professional help such as:

  • A content strategist can help you create and document your content marketing strategy and determine your target audience
  • A copywriter or editor can help you create compelling content and develop an editorial calendar
  • A digital marketer to help you refine your digital marketing strategy, if needed

Bigger businesses with more resources can do some or all of this in-house, most often through an in-house marketing team. If you only need occasional outside help you may want to establish a relationship with a temp agency specializing in creative and marketing services, such as Creative Circle, Filter Digital, or VitaminT.

Of course, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble and have us help you with content marketing. Our content strategists and copywriters can help you with your content strategy, creation and editing, and our professional photographers and videographers are experts at visual storytelling. Why not get started by requesting your free content marketing estimate?

Not sure about how these content marketing trends affect your business? Simply reach out and contact us. Our expert team will listen to you, answer your questions, and get your business ready for any current or future content marketing trends. That is one of our specialties, after all!

Do you have any content marketing trends you observed and would like to share? Feel free to add your comments below so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed  so you don’t miss our next post! And feel free to share our content marketing trends with your audience!

By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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