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ESPRESSO.digital - Maximizing Your Web Design ROI in 2018

06 Aug: Are You Getting What You Are Paying For? How to Maximize Your Web Design ROI in 2018!

They may not like it, but most business owners accept the cost of their business website as a business investment. But are they really getting the most out of their investment? Unfortunately most business owners fail to maximize their website investment ROI. To help them, and you, do better we are sharing some simple strategies for maximizing your web design ROI in 2018 and beyond.

ESPRESSO.digital Website Visitors Feel Insecure

30 Jul: Are You Making Your Website Visitors Feel Insecure? Here is What You Need to Do About That!

Did Google start flagging your website as insecure? Website security and transparency has always been a key factor in website engagement. Yet many business websites still do not provide a secure browsing experience. If that includes your website here is what you need to do to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS, and provide the security both human visitors and search engines require in 2018!

ESPRESSO.digital - Effective Web Design

19 Jul: 10 Essential Elements of Effective Web Design That Will Help You Build a Better Website!

Most businesses have a website in 2018. But does it actually support the business objectives of the website owner? Most websites actually are not aligned with user expectations, which pretty much makes them completely useless. To help you do better we want to share 10 essentials of effective web design that will better align your website with modern consumer expectations.

ESPRESSO.digital - How to Increase Website Traffic

25 Jun: How Any Business Can Increase Website Traffic to 10K Visitors or More Per Month

With the exception of some personal sites the primary purpose of any website is to attract, engage and convert as many online consumers as possible. In other words, you need and want lots of website traffic. But that doesn’t happen by itself. Take a look at these simple, yet effective, strategies for increasing website traffic any business can implement on their website.

ESPRESSO.digital - Cost-Effective GDPR Compliance

18 Jun: A Cost-Effective GDPR Compliance Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Business Owners

On May 25th 2018 the EU General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) went into effect. But especially small to mid-size businesses are far from being compliant. The main issues are the cost involved, and the frequent misunderstandings of what exactly is involved, and how it applies to a business. If that includes you we have a very simple and cost-effective solution for you!