Biggest WordPress Issues Facing Website Owners in 2018 - Biggest WordPress Issues

Biggest WordPress Issues Facing Website Owners in 2018

Are You Facing Any of The Biggest WordPress Issues?

Actually, that would not be surprising. Most website owners I talk to are facing some sort of website issues. Since WordPress is the most common content management system (CMS) out there it drives more websites, and causes more problems. So yes, WordPress has problems you need to be aware of. But some of the biggest WordPress issues can be found on other sites as well. Let’s start from there.

Many of the biggest WordPress issues our clients tell us about are actually related to the actual setup of the WordPress website. For instance, security is a big issue for many website owners. But very few actually do anything to protect their website, either! That goes both ways, folks. The same goes for website performance, as in page load speed. If you opt for the cheapest website hosting don’t expect much in the way of performance.

To help you better understand all that is involved let’s start with the biggest WordPress issues themselves. What exactly are they? Why are they potentially causing issues? This infographic from our friends at Pagely outlines some of the biggest WordPress issues facing business owners in 2018. Take a look and see if any of them seem familiar.

Biggest WordPress Issues in 2018 - Biggest WordPress Issues - Pagely Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Pagely

Dealing With the Biggest WordPress Issues

Regular Maintenance and Updates

One way of dealing with the biggest WordPress issues is by performing regular maintenance and updates on your WordPress site. This is much more time and cost-effective than a complete rebuild after your site crashes or gets hacked. Getting in the habit of regular WordPress maintenance is not difficult, and if you do this on a regular basis it will only take you a few minutes. I recommend that you set aside about half an hour a week to perform updates and maintenance on your site. Most likely it will take you less than that!

Website Optimization

But some of the biggest WordPress issues may take a bit more time to track down and eliminate. For instance, page load speed is a very important search ranking factor. But many different things can cause a slow website. And unless you feel comfortable working on the back end of your WordPress website you may want to consult a professional web designer or developer.

Website Traffic

Of course, probably one of the biggest WordPress issues we hear about at the highly caffeinated agency is not having enough website traffic. And that part has little to do with WordPress, and much to do with your website content and content strategy. If you really want to attract and engage more website visitors here are some specific tips for you.

If you are unable to resolve the biggest WordPress issues facing business owners just like you on your own I definitely recommend that you get some professional help. Ignoring them usually makes things much worse over time. What could be a simple update now can become a major overhaul six months down the road.

Preventing the Biggest WordPress Issues – Maintenance Tips and Tricks

For additional WordPress tips and tricks check out these posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog: Any Questions?

Do The Biggest WordPress Issues Concern You?

Here at, we offer a full range of top-rated WordPress website design and maintenance services, including WordPress web design and development, technical support servicessearch engine optimization, and website maintenance plans. Contact us to learn more about how our team can help you avoid the biggest WordPress issues, and keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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