2018 Social Media Image Sizes to Help You Look Your Best on Your Social Media Platforms!

ESPRESSO.digital - 2018 Social Media Image Sizes

2018 Social Media Image Sizes to Help You Look Your Best on Your Social Media Platforms!

Why Are 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Important?

One of the biggest concerns many of our clients have regarding social media is the quality of their images. We often hear that images appear fuzzy, are getting cropped or squashed in weird ways, and generally don’t look their best. While the actual image quality can be a contributing factor the bigger problem are all the different image sizes! Every social platform or network has its own set of image sizes and guidelines. And often these guidelines get tweaked without notice. To help you look your best here is what you need to know about 2018 social media image sizes.

I can hear some of you say that you already have the image sizes; you got them from a previous post or came across them online a while back. You may want to toss those out! Not only do image sizes change, but as new social platforms gain popularity there are also new social media image sizes to consider. So simply finding the correct image sizes can be a challenge! To help you do better here is a comprehensive infographic listing all 2018 social media image sizes from the nice folks at Make a Website Hub.

2018 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

ESPRESSO.digital - 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Infographic - Make a Website Hub

Infographic courtesy of Make a Website Hub


ESPRESSO.digital - A Few Thoughts on 2018 Social Media Image Sizes

A Few Thoughts on 2018 Social Media Image Sizes

Simply because some of these 2018 social media image sizes may have changed a bit doesn’t mean you now have to go and optimize or replace all the images you are already using on your social profiles and networks. Of course, if you have some real doozies you may want to replace them right away. Otherwise use this guide for future reference as you add new images.

And I should point out that using the correct image size for your social media images is only part of the game. You should also consider if the images you are using meet your brand and business objectives? For the best results you should only use high quality images that clearly present your company brand and values. Avoid using stock images if you can. Hiring a professional photographer may cost more money, but the investment will be well worth it.

Some Additional Social Media Tips and Resources

If you are new to social media marketing or simply want to brush up on your social media game you may like these posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog:


ESPRESSO.digital Any Questions?

Still Confused About 2018 Social Media Image Sizes?

Are you ready to start looking your best on social media? Ready for increased search rankings and web traffic? Here at ESPRESSO.digital, we offer a full range of social media services, including digital marketing, content strategy and creation, and organic social media strategies.

Contact us to learn more about our social media services, and how our team can help you ensure you look your best on social media by following these 2018 social media image sizes guidelines.

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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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