10 Step Guide to GDPR Compliance Any Business Can Follow and Implement

ESPRESSO.digital - 10 Step Guide to GDPR Compliance

10 Step Guide to GDPR Compliance Any Business Can Follow and Implement

Why You Should Check this 10 Step Guide to GDPR Compliance

Yes, I know, GDPR is almost an old hat by now. Over the last year or more it has been talked about, blogged about, discussed on almost every online discussion board, and spread all over social media. Yet many businesses either still don’t understand what exactly is involved, and if it applies to their business, or how to make their online presence GDPR compliant. Seeing that GDPR takes effect in less than two weeks I wanted to share this simple 10 step guide to GDPR compliance with you today.


Just 13 percent of firms say they are fully compliant with GDPR before its introduction on May 25, 2018. Another 23 percent report being mostly compliant, while 12 percent say they are somewhat compliant. ChannelNomics


I had this conversation with a number of clients across the US and Asia in recent weeks, and one common response was: “So how and why does this apply to me, and what happens if I fail to comply?” The first part I can answer. According to EU guidelines the GDPR applies to every online presence that receives even one visitor from an EU country. The second question is a bit harder. And this is not backed by actual facts, but simply my gut feeling. If you are not in compliance on May 26th you will not get a knock on the door.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

But EU regulators are anything but tenacious, so if you have flagrant violations, or if a EU citizen files a complaint, you will get their attention sooner or later. Remember, giants such as Amazon and Microsoft got their noses bloodied by EU regulators, so imagine how your small business will fare. So at least you should look at this 10 step guide to GDPR compliance. You may be surprised how little it can take to prepare your website for GDPR compliance.


75 Percent of U.S. Companies Think GDPR Doesn’t Apply to Them. SecurityWeek


On the other hand, you can be like the majority of US businesses and believe the GDPR does not apply to your organization. No, I do not recommend this approach at all. But hey, this is a free country. Just be aware that this could get real ugly for your business real fast. Maybe it would be a good idea to check this 10 step guide to GDPR compliance real quick! What do you think?

10 Step Guide to GDPR Compliance


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Infographic courtesy of Gather


Final Thoughts on WordPress GDPR Compliance

This 10 step guide to GDPR compliance is meant to give you an overall analysis and explanation of what GDPR is, what it means for you and your website in real terms, and what you can and must do in order to reach GDPR compliance by May 25th, 2018. But even if you follow every last step and recommendation in this post it is NOT a guarantee that you will be in WordPress GDPR compliance.

As in anything related to your business, if you are in doubt about GDPR or if your business is indeed in compliance you should consult with a legal professional. As mobile-first web designers we can help get your WordPress website updated to meet these requirements. But there may very well be other considerations for your business. If you have any doubts be sure to check with your legal or business advisors.

Some Additional GDPR Compliance Resources

If you are interested in learning more about GDPR compliance, what exactly it is, and what you can and should do to prepare check out these posts from our ESPRESSO Shots Blog:


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By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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