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Like any other creative professional architects have a very definite vision for their online presence. If you are working on an architecture and design firm website this becomes even more complicated. You have to combine the vision of multiple professional creatives, present their showcase projects, and add the firm’s overall design aesthetics to create the overall package.

We had been talking to the principals at Ecco Architecture and Design for some time about creating their new architecture and design firm website, but neither side was in a big rush. Ecco had a great looking website already, and it was not until the firm bought an iPad Air that a more engaging mobile presence became more urgent.

Our team was tasked to create a simple, bold, and effective presence for the firm, regardless of the users mobile or desktop device. Ecco would provide us with project and background content based on the recommendations of our content strategy team. Lucky for us the firm had a large archive of professional project images, which really helped showcase their beautiful work!

The resulting architecture and design firm website meets the firms overall style and mission, reflects the nature of the individual partners and architects, and helps the client understand the firm’s work and process. Additional content relating to specific areas of the firm’s expertise as well as general resources for potential and existing clients further establish this architecture and design firm website as a trusted resource.

Built on the popular WordPress platform the new website is fully responsive; one the firm initially commented: ‘WOW, it looks great on my old iPhone!” The site can easily be maintained and updated by the client. And as the client requires a blog and enhanced social media interaction can easily be implemented.

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