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Let's be blunt here: consumers are not going to notice your brand if you hide in the background! If you want to rise above the digital noise you need a kick ass brand that gets noticed, and remembered! So why would you want to waste your time on cheap clip art? We can do better!

brand strategy

Why You Need a Brand Strategy

A compelling brand is absolutely essential in today’s digital world. And if you think your brand is simply your logo think again. Your brand becomes your voice; it is how you communicate with your clients and customers across multiple channels.Your customers and clients will expect to see your brand on all your print collateral as well as your online presence, including your website and your social media platforms. We like to say: “You Must Own Your Brand!” or someone else will.

Avoid Brand Confusion

Many brands have a broken or inconsistent brand image online and in print. Maybe the logo versions don’t quite match, or the social profile branding is different everywhere. Perhaps the tone of your brand message in print is different from the online version. Modern consumers are getting smarter, and more demanding. A consistent brand strategy installs trust, and that is essential in digital marketing. If they don’t perceive a persistent brand image they will go somewhere else.

Where We Come In

A brand strategy that does not seamlessly integrate across multiple platforms leads to confusion and missed opportunities. We can design effective brand collateral that works across multiple platforms and even in print, so regardless if you need an online look for your product and wrap the truck that delivers it with the same image we literally have you covered!

branding fact
Your brand voice and image
has to be consistent everywhere!

branding fact

An effective brand is
instantly recogognizable.

branding fact

Consumers will connect with your
brand long before connecting with you!

Brand Strategy

We develop cohesive brand strategies that can be applied to any medium and application to maximize brand recognition.

Brand Design

We design highly recognizable brand elements that clearly communicate your brand message to your target audience.

Brand Collateral

We can create all your required brand collateral from business cards to signage, product packaging, and trade show swag.

Branded Content

We can help you create branded content, including infographics, product images, and marketing messages that amplify your brand.

Brand Management

We can manage all your brand elements and collateral, ensuring that your brand is always used consistently.

Brand Confusion

Our consistent brand strategy and development helps you avoid brand confusion and brand abandonment.

branding fact
Bold and simple brand logos
are more effective and memorable.

branding fact

Color selection is an important
aspect of brand development.

branding fact

An effective brand strategy is
essential for building trust.

why work with us?

Our design and marketing consultants will help you choose the best look and content for your brand, and work with you to define the voice you want to use to broadcast your message. At the same time we will make sure that your intended brand name is available for online registration and potential trade marking. With a cohesive brand strategy you will not only be off to a great start, but any required add-ons will be much easier later with advance planning now.

How is your brand image?

We’ve helped dozens of clients develop and implement memorable and effective brands that use an engaging voice with their digital audience. And we implement other killer creative services and organic social media strategies to further enhance our clients brand perception. If you are interested in learning how a new brand strategy will impact your business let’s discuss it over coffee!

Simply fill out the form on the right or contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

What our clients say

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Sushi Kashiba
Director of Operations

The website [designed by] has set a very good light for our restaurant. We’ve received significant press coverage within The Seattle Times and even national publications.

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Summerfield Services
Marketing Director is everything that you could ask for in an agency. They offer a wide range of services and do each one exceptionally well. I am very happy with our new website design.

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First Underwriters Insurance
Principal did a phenomenal job … I appreciate their professionalism and friendliness. They have been very engaging.

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Agate Designs

People have said that they like our website. Overall, it’s a high quality page that created for us.

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Bicycles for Humanity Seattle
Board Member

They did a complete redesign of the site, from what was pretty clunky to something rather impactful. People have been really impressed. Of our peer groups, it’s really one of the finer sites.

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Leda Business Consulting

They did a great job project managing me, which I needed and I expected, because I’m running around trying to do my small business. I really enjoyed working with them immensely.

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Surfin' Seafood

The website is drastically easier to use. They were responsive. Once you get to work with them, they’re pretty fun to work with.

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