ESPRESSO Team - Establishing an Effective Brand

13 May: New Business Essentials – Establishing an Effective Brand

One of the first things you have to do when you start a new business is to establish an effective brand voice and image. But that is easier said than done! Getting off to the right start and establishing an effective brand and online presence takes effort and skill, and there are specific considerations that are individual to each business. Here are some essential branding tips to get you started! - B2B Business Blogging Tips and Benefits

29 Apr: B2B Business Blogging Tips and Benefits

Unfortunately many business owners don’t see the value of having a business blog, or mistakenly believe that blogging is not effective for their business. As a result they are missing out on key B2B Business Blogging Benefits. But with a little effort any kind of business can establish an effective blog and get B2B business blogging benefits at the same time. - Brand Strategy- Knowing Who You Are

22 Apr: Brand Strategy – Knowing Who You Are

Knowing who you are is an important aspect of any successful brand strategy, yet it is all too often overlooked. Especially start-ups are usually more concerned with product development and marketing / fundraising, but even established companies can forget the value of their brand. And that thinking will work against you! How are you expecting your existing and potential customers to remember you if you don’t even know who you are? - Local Business Website Features

01 Apr: Local Business Website Features You Must Have

Local consumers are becoming ever more demanding and sophisticated. Therefore having just any old website is not going to do it if you want to stand out from your local competitors. Instead you need to focus on adding a few essential features to your local business website to attract local shoppers. Here are some suggestions for what you need to do!