How to Make Your Website Mobile-First in 2017!

Why You Must Make Your Website Mobile-First in 2017!

In 2017 simply having a mobile-friendly website is no longer going to cut it, sorry! If you really want to rock your digital space you must make your website mobile-first in 2017! Here are four key steps you need to take.


Make Your Website Mobile-First in 4 Easy Steps


Make Your Website Mobile-First in Four Easy Steps

Audit Your Site for Mobile-Friendliness

Your business website needs to be mobile-friendly before you can start thinking about making it mobile-first. The best way to determine that is to put it through the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. If it passes you are ready to take the next steps. If it fails the mobile-friendly test it is absolutely essential that you make sure your website is mobile-friendly before you take the next steps.

Here are some common errors to look for:

  1. Slow mobile load times
  2. Broken or incorrect redirects
  3. Uncompressed images
  4. Blocked resources including JavaScript, CSS, and images
  5. Unsupported or unplayable content
  6. Intrusive pop-ups and other interstitials
  7. Mobile-only 404 errors

If your website has any of the above errors you need to fix those before taking the next steps.

Optimize for Voice Search

Mobile consumers don’t spend time to type search queries in their smartphones. If you really want to be relevant for them you need to incorporate voice search as you make your website mobile-first in 2017. Recent studies have shown that 55% of teens and 40% of adults use voice search on a daily basis.

As you optimize your website for voice search consider the following:

How We Use Voice Search

Queries typed into Google are often abbreviated. Searches for “Sushi Restaurant” are much more common than asking the full question: “Where is the closest Sushi restaurant to my location?” Using long-tail keywords assures that customers will find your location.

Why We Use Voice Search

According to Google’s Micro Moments Guide voice search is most commonly used to answer these questions:

  • I want to know ____________
  • I want to go ____________
  • I want to do ____________
  • I want to buy ____________

Each of these search queries identifies an immediate need, as in I am hungry for lunch! Therefore the best way to answer them is with short, accurate answers.

Prioritize Local Search

The next step to make your website mobile-first in 2017 is to optimize it for local search. According to Google’s Micro Moments Guide searches for “near me” more than doubled in 2016!

And you may be interested in knowing that 1 in 3 smartphone users decide to purchase from a brand simply because that brand shows up as they are searching for information, not necessarily because they decided ahead of time.

As you make your website mobile-first in 2017 prepare for local search by doing the following:

Don’t Forget About Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The final step you can take to make your website mobile-first in 2017 is to adapt your content for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These pages are designed to load almost instantaneously. According to Google, AMP load approximately 4 times as fast and offer mobile consumers everything they are looking for.

AMP pages use stripped down HTML coding and custom tags to achieve this lightning-fast load time, meaning that most articles will require two versions:

  1. An original version with full images and any multimedia you would normally include.
  2. An AMP version without any JavaScript, embedded content, lead forms, etc.

Optimizing for AMP may not be required for all website. Here at the highly caffeinated agency we believe it is essential in giving your posts and pages an extra boost.


Make Your Website Mobile-First in 2017! Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

We have been saying long before 2016 that the future is mobile. Brands that fail to make their website mobile-first in 2017 will simply not be able to keep up. With the majority of consumers using mobile devices brands that fail to prepare for the mobile-first web will simply lose too many potential customers.

Making your website mobile-first in 2017 may require some professional help. If you are not sure how or where to get started feel free to reach out to us. We can help you make your website mobile-first in 2017 so you can focus on your business instead.







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