How Any Brand Can Stand Out from The Digital Noise Through Visual Content Marketing! - Visual Content Marketing Rocks Your Brand

How Any Brand Can Stand Out from The Digital Noise Through Visual Content Marketing!

Humans Love Visual Content!

Remember back in school, that one teacher who talked on and on? And all without any visual element, just droning on? Yup! I had him, too! Usually right after lunch, which made it really tough to stay awake. And it’s not even that the subject matter itself was necessarily boring. The problem was that it had no visual content!

You see, as humans we are hard-wired for visual clues. We love visual content, because it tells us what to do. Flashing red lights, yellow warning flags, you get the picture. Visual content gives us clues as to what is important in a story. If there is no visual content we lose interest.

The same problem exists on all too many websites. Just in the last two days I came across a number of examples. Lots of content, but nothing that caught my eye. And that’s the problem right there! If there is nothing to engage your audience visually the first time they visit your site they most likely will leave. Not exactly what you want from your digital presence, is it? And another thing, you just can’t build a kick ass brand on text only. Visual content is great for developing a unique identity and share your personality with your audience.

Creating and adding visual content to your business website or social media channels is essential if you want to stand out in an ever more crowded digital market place. There are a number of compelling reasons why visual content really rocks your brand!


S5i How Visual Content Rocks Your Brand!


How Visual Content Rocks Your Brand


Visual content builds an emotional experience with your audience. Colors and images generate particular types of emotions. That allows for your personality, voice, and values to come across. People may one day forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.


Images, and especially video, have a narrative thread that your audience can follow. Tell a story and have your brand communicate who you are, what you stand for, and how you influenced a particular story. And who doesn’t love a great story?


Visual content helps support your identity. I don’t mean just your images and videos. A design language that can help define your brand’s values and unique personality needs to include logos, colors, typography, symbols and icons, and any other design element that you use.


By creating visual content with your own brand personality you are much more likely to quickly stand out from the digital noise. If tells your audience if you share the same visual values, which words can not always convey. But visual content can! So show of your personality and have fun with your visual content.


The human brain just loves visual content. On a daily basis 93% of our communication is non-verbal. And that is a good thing. As individuals we process visual content 60x faster than text, and we remember only about 20% of what we read.

Social Media

Visual content is very social media friendly. Look around you: Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, SnapChatinfographics, the internet is a visual place. With the popularity explosion of especially smaller social channels it is essential to create visual content if sharing is your brand objective. And killer visuals can also drive traffic to your website, bog, etc.


Visual content simplifies data. Data visualization communicates large amounts of information quickly and clearly. This helps your audience understand your brand’s point of view. If you add motion graphics, sound and narrative and you have created something that is worth sharing!


Visual content plain and simple creates better experiences for your audience. And the stats bear this out. Posts with images get 94% more views than posts without images. And visual content is shared three times more than text only. There you have it. Visual content rocks your brand to the surface, and without you blend in to the noise.


Visuals aren’t limited to reality. Visual content allows your brand to have fun and play! You can animate your content, you can add music to it. Especially videos appeal to most audiences as they tend to really push the envelope. Try mixing mediums, or experiment with your colors. Or all of them! Feel free to mix and match. This is supposed to be fun, remember!


And finally, visual content inspires your audience! And an inspired audience is a key element in a kick ass brand. Photos, gifs, infographics, etc. really rock your brand if they are designed to inspire in some way. Exercise the usual caution, inspiration turns into frustration id you offend your audience. Visual content also gives your consumers another way to see your brand, become involved with it, participate, share and comment.



S5i Start Rocking Your Brand with Visual Content!


Start Rocking Your Brand with Visual Content!

OK, now that you know why you need visual content you are ready to start rocking your brand by adding some! Start by going through your channels and determine what visual content you already have. Is it on effective? Does it rock your brand? If not it has to go!

Maybe all you need is to create a few more pieces, or spread them around more. Take a look at what generated the most shares in the past and create more of it. Maybe develop a series or storyline with your most popular content?

If you don’t have enough visual content you will need to create some. But don’t just slap something together! That will cause more damage than not having visual content. No, you need to create high quality and effective content that makes your brand go BOOM! Cheap clip art is not going to cut it, sorry! And be nice, there are enough angry people out there!

Creating a rocking visual content strategy is essential if you want to energize your business and succeed online. Remember, you only get a few seconds to grab their attention. So what will it be? Some text that puts you asleep, or a rocking video or image?

You need to take this very serious. I have seen tons of businesses fail not because they had a lousy product, or provided no value for their customers. But not enough people found out about them. They failed simply because they did not rock their brand!

If you want an effective visual content strategy I really recommend that you engage a professional content strategist to help you. If that is beyond your budget at least engage the services of a professional designer or photographer to create some graphics and images you can use. Any Questions?

We Can Rock Your Visual Content for You!

Here at, we offer a full range of visual content strategy and creation services, including creative services, brand strategy and design, content strategy and creation, and professional photography.

Contact us to learn more about our Visual content services, and how our team can help you rock your brand with visual content.

Do you have anything to add to our reasons why visual content rocks? Please leave your comments below so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed so you don’t miss our next post! And help your audience rock their brand by sharing these visual content tips with them!

Thank you! We appreciate your help to end bad business websites, one pixel at a time!

By Gregor Schmidt
Co-Founder / Digital Barista

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