Do you have an ugly website? Does looking at it make visitors cringe? Here is your chance to dump your old site for a beautiful new one!
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It’s time to toss your ugly old website and start fresh with a beautiful, 4-page mobile-first WordPress website. If you think your business or organization website is ugly, fill out our entry form for your chance to win a brand new WordPress website designed by!

*Contest starts August 2nd, 2017 and ends September 1st, 2017. The winner will be selected by our creative team by September 8th and informed via email. The winner will receive a unique, mobile-first 4-page WordPress website. Additional pages and/or services can be added at a 25& discount off our regular rates. Web hosting will be required and can be hosted by Any on-going changes, edits and maintenance are the responsibility of the winner. All entries are eligible for a 10% discount off our regular rates for 90 days from their respective entry. One entry only per company or website.

Let’s See It!

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Well, ugly websites come in all kinds of flavors and varieties. We are sure you have seen a few in all their garish glory! “Cringeworthy” is a good word for them. Basically they all share these characteristics. The more, the better for our ugly website contest!
  • Low quality Images
  • Too many stock images
  • Too much clip art
  • Site colors and style not matching branding or logo
  • Hideous color combinations
  • Inconsistent headers and footers
  • Unorganized information or services
  • Text heavy or dense pages
  • Incorrect or no contact information
  • Difficult navigation or too many clicks to find info
  • An overall bad user experience across all devices
  • An overwhelming urge to leave the site… (and puke!)

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Our ugly website contest is not intended to insult or pick on anybody. Therefore you may only submit your own website, or the site of a business or organization you belong to. If you know someone with an ugly website please share this page with them.

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