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eTAGZ Inc. Seattle WA / Provo UT
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More than just your logo, your brand is the voice in which you communicate with existing and potential clients. In order to have an effective voice you need to have an effective brand strategy. The first step is to develop your brand logo; you will use it to brand your entire online and print presence. An effective logo is simple, easy to recognize, and works well at any size and resolution. You all recognize a certain swoosh or a fruit with a bite out of it, don’t you! The most effective brand logo no longer needs the brand name.

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Our team  worked with eTAGZ to design and develop an effective brand strategy based on the digital hang tag the company pioneered. The primary application would be online use, but since the client also marketed at trade shows and conventions we anticipated other uses such as trade show displays and large format signage.

To keep the logo simple we designed a bold primary image and created different versions and icons in both color and grayscale versions. This enables the client to use the logo for any application in a very cost-effective way. To further enhance their brand strategy we also designed a variety of marketing collateral around their new brand logo, including business cards, cards and envelopes, mailing labels, posters and even product prototypes.


A breakdown of the services we provided for this project.

Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Project Management


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