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Why Increasing Brand Awareness on Social Media is Important

Social media can be a very effective strategy to build your brand online, if you do it correctly. Increasing brand awareness on social media requires a number of steps to be truly effective. That includes establishing a consistent brand image across all your social platforms, and sharing valuable and informative content.

The first step is identifying your ideal or target audience. That includes determining which social networks work best for your business. Increasing brand awareness on social media requires you to target your audience with the right message at the right time and on the appropriate social channel.


10 simple steps to increase brand awareness on social media


10 Simple Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

1 – Optimize your social profiles

Some social profiles do not look professional. Do better by making sure you complete all sections and explain what you do. Be sure to include a link to your business website or a landing page if you don’t have a website (yet).

2 – Be active on social networks

Social media is like having a conversation. If you are on Twitter Chats, Facebook and LinkedIn keep an active profile. That includes helping others, answering questions, giving advice (when appropriate) and promoting your business in a nice way. Don’t be pushy!

3 – Post frequently and at the right time

Increasing brand awareness on social media simply does not work if you never post anything, or post at all the wrong times! Use this infographic from CoSchedule to plan your social media calendar.

4 – Only share relevant and informative content

Your social audience expects valuable content that relates to your brand and business. Don’t post images of cats and dogs unless that is your business. Be creative and post a variety of content: about your business (20%), blog posts, other relevant news, retweets, quotes, infographics, videos.

This will attract and engage more followers, increase your brand awareness, and help you reach a bigger audience. Using hashtags correctly increases your reach as well. Experiment by going live on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you use these social platforms for your business.

5 – Only share good quality photos

Your images should be branded with your logo and website to increase brand awareness. Most smartphones come with decent cameras these days. If you are not photographically inclined hire a professional photographer to take a series of images that you can use over time.


increasing brand awareness on social media - social networks


6 – Engage with other users

Increasing brand awareness on social media does require effort on your part. At a minimum expect to spend half an hour daily to check you accounts, thank to people who shared or retweeted your posts, follow back, follow new people, and retweet / share other posts. If you are a big Twitter user we recommend to keep up with your followers.

7 – Use social media for customer service

Listen to your audience and respond quickly to any comments or questions, including negative ones. Replying promptly to their concerns must be a top priority. Increasing brand awareness on social media includes letting your followers know that they can easily interact with your brand.

8 – Offer solutions and provide value

Determine what your target audience needs and then offer solutions. Explain how using your products or services will benefit them. By answering questions and engaging with your followers you will become a trusted resource and that is a key step to increasing brand awareness on social media.

9 – Don’t forget your evergreen content

One way to make increasing brand awareness on social media easier on you is to repurpose existing content. Even better if you use a social media management tool to auto-post your evergreen content according to a schedule you set yourself.

While there are many social media scheduling apps out there we like Buffer. Several nice features, including their power schedule option and their optimum timing tool will greatly simplify your social media posting. Here are a few other social media management tools for you to consider.

10 – Check your social media stats

This is an often-overlooked aspect of increasing brand awareness on social media. How can you tell if your social strategy is working if you don’t measure the results? One way to check your social standing is by using Klout.


final thoughts on increasing brand awareness on social media


Final Thoughts on Increasing Brand Awareness on Social Media

OK, there you have it: our tips for increasing brand awareness on social media. All you have to do now is to get started. Once you get the ball rolling and build momentum it will get easier, we promise!

Your business will benefit from increasing brand awareness on social media in the same ways that thousands of other brands already have. If you have the required dedication and follow our tips you are off to a great start. And if you are still hesitant feel free to reach out to the highly caffeinated agency and we will take the first steps with you!




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